Examples of Discrimination in Society Today

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There are many examples discrimination now more than ever. We had hoped that within years we wouldn’t discriminate against each other, but humanity continues to discriminate no matter who that person is. Many people discriminate depending peoples looks, race, sex, sexual orientation, and religion. The examples I have given are the most common forms of discrimination and I can relate to some of the examples. I have examples of others being discriminated that have documented them.

The way someone looks is a big source of discrimination. There a lot of photos and videos of celebrities and models being advertised for everything. They use this method to advertise their product saying that if they buy it, they’ll look exactly like the celebrity or model. They mostly use good looking models or celebrities that are muscular or skinny. Their body image plays a big role because in the united states about sixty-six percent of adults are overweight or obese. Most of the people that are overweight or obese get discriminated for their weight. “In a survey by the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance, 62 percent of its overweight female members and 42 percent of its overweight male members said they had been turned down for a job because of their weight.”

As you can clearly see when it comes to body weight, they want you to follow the social norm which is what they want to see you as. They want to see you with big muscles and rock-hard abs. I can relate to this because I have a brother who is overweight and I catch myself talking about his weight. He’s told me how it makes him angry and sad when my other brother and I tell him stuff about it. He then decided to join sports and to workout in order for him to lose weight. He’s now slimmed down quite a bit and Ive apologized for the way I treated him. I too can relate to him because my family and friends say I’m too skinny or that I need to eat more. I try gaining weight but it’s much more difficult, I do eat a lot more but then I lose it all out of nowhere.

I have an example of discrimination based on religion which I can relate to. My religion is Christianity, but we go by another name which is Jehovah’s Witnesses. Even though I haven’t gone through the discrimination yet there are examples of others in the same organization going through hard ships. For example, we have some brothers in the organization in Korea that have been imprisoned for not volunteering for war. As a Jehovah Witness, we abstain from violence, which means we don’t go to war. In Russia they have banned Jehovah Witnesses from doing their preaching work.

On June 20, 2018 there have been more Witnesses Imprisoned after their homes have been raided by the authorities there for practicing their faith. Russia has been trying to stop Jehovah Witnesses from continuing their preaching work by banning them. In many cases the witnesses are targeted by other religions as well. They accuse us of false teaching even though everything they teach is from the bible. My Mother tells me that we need to prepare ourselves because the government can turn against us. She tells me the same thing that they teach to keep our faith in God whose name is Jehovah and he’ll protect us. I’ve been made fun of for being a Jehovah’s Witness because we don’t celebrate any holidays. For example, Christmas when they had the parties at junior high, I had to ask the teacher is I can stay in the library since it was against my religion to participate. I also can’t celebrate birthdays which is a big one. Many friends have invited me to go to their birthday party and I’ve declined every single one. My friend make fun of me for it and then they ask if I celebrate my birthday which I tell them that I don’t. In the twenty years I’ve been alive I have never celebrated any of my birthdays. They think that I’m a weirdo or that I’m living a messed-up life. I am not living a horrible life because its part of who I am.

Being discriminated by the way we look and by our race has been going on for centuries. In Brent Staples article “Just Walk on by: A Black Man Ponders His Power to Alter Public Space” he recalls a moment where he was discriminated. “As I swung onto the avenue behind her, there seemed to be a discreet, uninflammatory distance between us. Not so. She cast back a worried glance. To her, the youngish black man- a broad six feet two inches with a beard and billowing hair, both hands shoved into the pockets of a bulky military jacket- seemed menacingly close.” (Staples 2) In this he recalls how he was walking down the street as any normal person would. The young woman felt that the black man was going to rob her or rape her which Staples had not intention. Staple has been discriminated for his race but you can also be discriminated by the way you are dressed as well.

I had an encounter where I visited New York over the break and my cousin wanted to go to a luxury store. As I went in I was wearing some navy blue jeans with holes in them, a sweater and a jacket over that sweater. My cousin on the other hand had a nice coat on with a chain dressed very formal. As we entered this store I had my phone out and a security guard told me that I can’t have my phone out and that I must put it away. As I put it away I notice others with their phones out talking on them. I was a bit confused but I didn’t think too much on it until later on. Some of the workers came up to my cousin and asked if he’s looking for anything specific or if he is in need of some help while I stand close by looking around. It then hit me that the reason they were defensive around me was because I wasn’t dressed the part. By the way they saw how I was dressed they assumed I cant afford anything which they aren’t wrong, because I couldn’t. By the way we dress or present ourselves it show what kind of person we are.

Discrimination happens everywhere whether we like it or not. Many believe that what they say or do isn’t discriminating while in the eyes of the victim it is. Discrimination happens in many forms I’ve given examples of religion, how you look and your race. There are many more forms of discrimination out there that people still use.


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