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Obsessed on Revenge

Have you ever thought on getting revenge? Dead men tell no tales, unknown, this quote has some sarcasm on it, as you notice. Men who are dead can’t talk anymore so they have a zero percent chance on saying a word. Another quote would be “The thousand injuries of Fortunato I had borne as I…


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Not So Sweet Revenge

Throughout English literature authors would carry a theme throughout the story. Themes express the lesson, conclusion, they can carry messages, and even show discipline. From the Author Andre Dubus writing “Killing”, “Stone Matters,written by Margaret Atwood and to “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien share the same theme “revenge”. Although revenge can teach us…


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Revenge of the Man Dragon Analysis

Revenge of the Man-Dragon is the sci-fi action-packed second book in the Super Trans Tel series by Charles Alfred Morris. The story follows three unique teenagers, Michael Ja’ Farrie, Asia Morris and Shawn Cook, in their battle against a dreaded alien known as Xavier – a fierce sorcerer and Man-Dragon for Earth Two. He was…



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“A Trace of Revenge” Analysis

A Trace of Revenge by Lyle Howard begins bleakly with an expected birthday party that never happens. The six-year-old Matt Walker’s cravings for his mother’s chocolate chip cookie in the dawn of day extinguish at the realization that an intruder bashed his parents’ faces upon the walls and headboard of their bed. Suffering from blunt…



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Revenge for Parents Murdering

Revenge is a dish best served cold. I was only 8 years old when my parents got burned alive.The guy was dressed in an all black suit. The suit was as sharp as a blade. I watched from the stairs as he drenched both of them in gasoline. As he walks out the door he…



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How Stray Dog took Revenge From a Man with his Fellow Dogs

Although we have progressed a lot in various walks of life still we could not learn basic humanity. People still find it amusing to hurt or abuse animals. We observe countless example on social media as well as how brutally some of us treat animals despite they never cause harm to us. Some people do…


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“Trace of Revenge” Summary

A couple are bludgeoned to death by a contract killer, and their young son, Matthew Walker, left for dead. Matthew survives, and although his hearing is lost, he has gained a new sense which he refers to as “tracing”. Fast forward 7 years and Matthew, still haunted by the death of his parents, receives an…



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“A Trace of Revenge” Review

What monster lurks in the dark? Is it a boogieman hiding under your bed or a ghoul waiting in the hallway? For Matthew Walker, it was an intruder armed with a baseball bat. The innocent nine-year-old wasn’t supposed to be home when he heard his parents’ screams as they were killed in their bed by…


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Theme of Revenge in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”

Shakespeare’s The Tempest twists the common interpretation of power and authority in literature. Throughout the play, authority and hierarchy is not only a theme but a wanton desire that pervades the characters’ minds. There are many power relationships between characters that shift around in the play. Prospero, preoccupied with his magic, was overthrown by his…


The Tempest,

William Shakespeare

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The Bitterness Of Revenge 

“Why are some bent on avenging perceived wrongs, slight or significant, while others can just let it go?… But what is known is that nobody is above revenge. And rarely is it ever sweet”( Murphy). Revenge doesn’t always turn out the way the avenger want it to be, instead, it ends up hurting them (O’Shea)….


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