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Responsibility of Health and Social Care Practitioner

Every health and social care practitioner has a responsibility towards the service users called a Duty of Care, this ensures that the service user is supported on how they live their lives and ensures they’re in the maximum amount of control. The practitioners Duty of Care comes under inclusive practice which is based around making…

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Human rights,



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My Civic Responsibility Argumentative Essay

Civic responsibility is defined as the responsibility of a citizen. Civic means of relating to or belonging to a city, a citizen or citizenship, municipal or civil society. Responsibility refers to the state or quality of being responsible or something for which one is responsible such as a duty, obligation or burden. It is contained…




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Age of Responsibility

It’s actually quite difficult to settle on an age of responsibility that can be set in stone. Twenty-one is the more logical age of responsibility. It is neither too old or too young. The brain is close to being fully developed and before you reach twenty-one, you would have already learned the risks and the…


Civil Rights,


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Theme of Responsibility in An Inspector Calls

The play ‘An Inspector calls’ is a political satire written by J.B.Priestly as a means of illustrating the flaws in the British society during 1912. In the following paragraphs I will investigate how the theme of responsibility is presented in An Inspector Calls by Priestly through analyzing the language, structure, and the form of the…




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Review of Article Learning Responsibility on City Sidewalks

Generally speaking, in Jane Jacobs’ article “Learning Responsibility on City Sidewalks,” there are some essential lessons that children learned by playing on city sidewalks. In brief, children become more independent and learn to be active to take civic responsibility and they know it not only relates to family members but also relates to other people…




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Responsibility in Novella The Little Prince Character Analysis

In Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s novella The Little Prince, children and adults are opposites due to their creativity. Adults failed to see the importance of imagination by not seeing the things that are invisible and were always occupied with “matters of consequence” (Exupéry 43). Although to be an adult you need to be responsible, the adults…



The Little Prince

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Responsibility of Fatherhood in An Inspector Calls

Priestley explores responsibility in many different ways, one way is the responsibility of fatherhood, in this case the relationship between Eric and his father. Eric was always treated like a child. Due to this Eric becomes a very spoilt and immature character which seems to want to rebel yet doesn’t have it in him. He…


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Responsibility in The Play An Inspector Call Analytical Essay

Priestley represents responsibility in the play An Inspector Calls through the characters and their different views. Mr Birling is used for the argument for Capitalism, he is used for this so he an easily dislikable character in the play. Priestley shows the audience this immediately by describing him as a ‘rather portentous man’. This abhorrent…

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Responsibility for Welfare of Others

Earlier this year, a bus transporting the Broncos, a hockey team from Humboldt, Saskatchewan, collided with a semi-truck that had failed to stop at a red light. Sixteen was the final death toll. This event created an impact on our country that will last forever. Immediately, people jumped to action. A go-fund-me page was set…


Helping Others,


Success In Life

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Lifestyle as a Person’s Responsibility

Lifestyle seen as a person’s responsibility how people socially lead their lives exerts a powerful influence on people and their ability to choose a healthy lifestyle the idea of choice and responsibility is not always straightforward. The black report on inequalities in health (department of health and social security,1980) has been described as an influencing…


Personal Responsibility,


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Responsibility is highly important in your daily life; you expect it from other people and other people expect it from you. As a student, you have a lot of responsibilities – doing your homework, passing the tests, being socially active, taking care of your studies, and all that stuff. That is why you might want to write a responsibility as a student essay – it is what you are and what you do, so why not? You may also write an essay about social responsibility like respecting others, abiding by the law, not littering the streets, and so on. Your responsibility essay could be about anything, even about responsibility to yourself like taking care of your health physical and mental health. There are lots of things all of us should care about, including ourselves, our families, our studies or careers, and the environment we live in, so you can write about literally anything, and that would be a nice essay to show to your teacher and your class.

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