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Principle of Humanity and Kantianism

In this course, we discussed two main categories of ethical theories, theories of the good, which describe what makes something good or bad, and theories of morality, which describe what makes an action right or wrong. One such theory of morality is the non-consequentialist theory of Kantianism. Kantianism is a non-consequentialist view because according to…



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What Defines the Humanity

What does it mean to be human? Rene Descartes argued that humanity was a question of consciousness; Charles Darwin believed the answer was written in our DNA; Sia crooned that “[to] be human is to love”. For centuries, the world has struggled to find a conclusive response, and in an era defined by the development…


Movie Review

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Understanding Humanity by Turgenev and Karl Marx

The article “how and how not to love mankind”, written by Theodore Dalrymple, is about the humanity and welfare of humankind. The author talks about the two famous writers of the nineteenth century Ivan Turgenev and Karl Marx. Both being born and died at the same time, and living the lives paralleled to each other,…


Karl Marx,


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What is Humanity in Biblical Meaning

What is humanity? I believe that humanity is the community of male and female beings whom God created to work on this earth. The dictionary definition of humanity says, “n. all of the living human inhabitants of the earth, n. the quality of being humane”. Ok, the first part makes sense. I would take it…



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Biblical and Alternative View of Humanity

Erickson points out that the study of Theology is more than understanding how humans were created, but it also seeks to understand the purpose for which humans were created. Today, there are several alternative theories of humanity that are accepted as religious teachings which try to explain the science behind creationism. However, applying a biblical…



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Creepers Don’t Care About the Value of Life or Other People’s Lives

I woke up bright and early. It is 0500 here in my military camp. It was a regular day. I ate breakfast and began doing push-ups and target shooting for the ongoing war against the creepers. My Squad and I along with our Lieutenant were walking out when we got a radio transmission from a…



Value of Life

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Humanity, Perfectly Flawed Beings

We, humans, are ignorantly foolish creatures. In the ending of Some Like It Hot, Osgood says, “Well, nobody’s perfect!” (Philip). Just like Osgood does with Jerry, we constantly try to prove to ourselves and others that we are merely flawed and that we are ultimately good, Yet time and time again we act incoherently and…

Anne Frank,


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Quality assurance 

The implementation of a Just Culture is the approach of addressing issues in a work environment that can lead to staff members engaging in unsafe behaviors. At the same time, the unit attempts to maintain individual accountability. This is done by establishing a zero tolerance for reckless behavior but understanding that human error and at-risk…



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Kindness and Humanity

We live on planet Earth, alongside billions of fellow humans. It is impossible to care and be kind to everything on our planet, every country plagued with poverty, every person suffering. What is kindness really? Kindness is defined in the Oxford dictionary as “behavior marked by ethical characteristics, a pleasant disposition, and a concern for…




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Evolution and Kindness

Charles Darwin’s idea of Survival of the Fittest has been associated with selfishness with the primitive instinct to survive. Although when Darwin studied human evolution, he did not distinguish humans as being biologically competitive and self-interested. He believed that humans are immensely social and caring, to which he argued that sympathy and showing affection towards…




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