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Curiosity Drives Me

Through the highs and lows of my life, I have consistently relied on curiosity to drive me. Although I can’t say that I’ve woken up every morning just bursting to do the hard things life throws at me, even in times when my optimism runs out, my curiosity about what will happen next pulls me…


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The difficult task of determining what motivates people to join and form a government is one that has long preoccupied political philosophers, especially Thomas Hobbes. Hobbes famously asserts that people are primarily motivated by self interest and that it is in their self interest to form a government that has absolute power. In this paper…



Self Motivation

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Replace Fear of The Unknown with Curiosity, Don’t Be Afraid of Failing Personal Essay

The difference between fear and curiosity is that one often disables us and the other enables. The replacement of fear with interest often opens us up to and abundance possibility. We should strive to not let fear control our lives but to be straightforward with enthusiasm, pushing our limits, coming out of our standard choice…


Character Traits,


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The popularity of fast food restaurants in China.

Today’s cities are fast-paced. Whether its senior white-collar workers or ordinary workers, the pace of work is very fast, and often the time for eating is very short, so eating fast food can save a lot of time, and will not waste a lot of time on the issue of eating, delaying work. A fast…



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Organizational Change

It is due to the evolving nature of our societies that cause the change of demand and the need to develop new product and services for the community. The changing nature is the cause that numerous organizations are required to make changes in order to be effective and remain in competition. Change is not a…




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Surrendering to an Inhumane Society 

Margaret Atwood’s, The Handmaid’s Tale, tells the story of a handmaid, Offred, living in a dystopian world, guided by a republic that took over the government and seized women of all of their rights. Her sole purpose in life is to produce children, however, she spends most of her time alone and day-dreaming of the…



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Our lives are directly affected by the health of our environment. Therefore, the sustainability of our environment is an essential obligation as its condition continues to decline. According to UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), we have 12 years to limit climate change catastrophe before it’s irreversible. Better initiatives need to be taken in…



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My Virtual Child’s Physical, Cognitive and Social Development 

Variations in physical growth among people are common and visible everywhere in everyday observations. People differ in height, body weight, body proportions, and fitness. People differ in abilities to move and perform physical skills and tasks. These differences provide valuable insights into our maturation, overall development, and health. The study of physical growth and development…

Child Development,

Child Psychology,


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DTC Genetic Testing: Benefits and Harms

INTRODUCTION Direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing refers to “at home” genetic tests sold from companies directly to their consumers with no involvement of a medical professional. These kits use consumer’s saliva to analyze single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) to give information about the buyer’s genome. The market for this type of product has skyrocketed in recent years…



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The Outsiders

The title of this is story is interesting because of many things. In one way, the title refers to the social status of the Greasers being the “outsiders” of the story. This title also refers to the theme of the story, one of social and economic class conflict. This is shown in the form of…




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You may think about what to write about in your curiosity essay. You should definitely start with the definition of curiosity.

Curiosity is the urge you feel to find out about something you don’t have information about. Curiosity is the condition of being interested: interested, excited, prepared to look around to find information about some unknown thing or something you have not enough information about. The word used to signify “extremely, cautious,” and just in the last scarcely any hundred years transformed into a word communicating the craving to know more.

As many students state in their curiosity essay, research states that curiosity makes your psyche dynamic rather than aloof. People with curiosity consistently pose inquiries and quest for answers. Their psyches are consistently dynamic. Since the brain resembles a muscle that gets more grounded through constant exercise, the psychological exercise brought about by interest makes your brain more grounded and more grounded.

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