Responsibility in Novella The Little Prince Character Analysis

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Responsibility in Novella The Little Prince Character Analysis essay
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In Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s novella The Little Prince, children and adults are opposites due to their creativity. Adults failed to see the importance of imagination by not seeing the things that are invisible and were always occupied with “matters of consequence” (Exupéry 43). Although to be an adult you need to be responsible, the adults in this novella only portray their responsibility towards materialistic things and the things they possess. While “The Little Prince” and the pilot as a child were filled with imagination, they were able to understand the importance of responsibility through love and the relationships they have with people and nature.

I will be in conversation with literary scholar Luke Glanville in, “On the Meaning of ‘Responsibility’ in the ‘Responsibility to Protect’,” discussing the importance of responsibility. Luke Glanville argues that responsibility is exclusive to protection and accountability. Also, I will be in a conversation with Jérôme Pelenc in “Sustainable Human Development and the Capability Approach: Integrating Environment, Responsibility and Collective Agency,” where he argues the importance of being responsible to our environment.

I will argue that the novella portrays responsibility through love and for the caring of the relationships we have with people and nature. I will examine differences in the definition of responsibility, and I will also argue that responsibility is not just exclusive to individuals but also to our community and to our environment.

Responsibility in Novella The Little Prince Character Analysis essay

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What does the little prince take care of?
When the Little Prince takes care of his rose , he is not simply giving in to her whims. She is unique in the world, therefore precious and therefore indispensable. Our plants and our trees are indispensable to our ecosystem (trees absorb CO2) and to future generations.
What is the profession of the narrator in the Little Prince?
Plot summary. The narrator introduces himself as a man who learned when he was a child that adults lack imagination and understanding. He is now a pilot who has crash-landed in a desert. He encounters a small boy who asks him for a drawing of a sheep, and the narrator obliges.
What is the role of the pilot in the Little Prince?
The narrator of the story, the pilot crashes in the middle of the Sahara desert when his engine fails. The pilot is a grownup, but one who has always been an explorer and is sympathetic to the values and perspectives of children , a trait that grows even more pronounced as he becomes close with the little prince.
Why is the little prince responsible for the rose?
As a character who gains significance because of how much time and effort the prince has invested in caring for her , the rose embodies the fox's statement that love comes from investing in other people.
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