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Developing a Virtue: Practical Wisdom

Virtue ethics promoted by the ancient Greek theorists is a methodology to ethics that lay emphasis on an individual personality and is in dispute with the specific idea that ethical behaviour extents is basically to the adherence of ideologies that truly stipulate what would and what would not be ethical. The history concerning the word…


Virtue Ethics,


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Explanation of Wisdom

Sitting around the television late one night, I asked my seven suitemates, what do you think it means to have wisdom? They answered with the indefinite conclusion of “using your knowledge to make smart decisions,””the opposite of being dumb,” “Always being able to outsmart your opposition.” My suitemates definitions obviously lacked in strength and structure….




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The Pearls of Wisdom: A Look into Ecclesiastes and Nicomachean Ethics

Professors largely regard the pursuit of wisdom as the ultimate path to success, as many dedicate their lives to discovering the unknown truths. The book of Ecclesiastes, in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible, emphasizes that the pursuit of wisdom is desirable, as it brings one in connection with God. Additionally, it provides a…




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Importance of Recognizing Fake News

How do you handle an epidemic in the age of fake news? There are the official orchestrated statements from LGU’s and other governing bodies and also advices driven by experts or what we call the science-based. Then here comes the lies and theories spreading all over the World Wide Web faster than 299, 792, 458…

Critical Reflection,

Fake News,


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