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The Levels of Bravery and Selflessness in the Film, Armageddon by Michael Bay

The film, Armageddon, directed by Michael Bay, tells the story of a group of contrasting characters that are sent into space as unorthodox astronauts to save the planet from total devastation at the hands of an asteroid known as a “Global Killer”. Throughout the film, a number of characters undergo an extensive transformation, as they…




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The Bravery of American People

Being an American means being part of a nation that allows for many freedoms, maintains a unique identity, and deals with numerous issues of uncertainty. An American has admirable character traits, such as bravery and determination. Being American, we have certain freedoms like freedom of speech and religion. Since America is still growing and is…




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The Portrayal of Bravery in Amy Tan’s Short Story “Rules of the Game”

As brave as she already was, she stood up and became braver. Standing up made her verly is a 9 year old Chinese-American girl who was brave and whether it was right or wrong in what she did, it is not easy to stand up against your mother. In the fictional short story, “Rules of…




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The Top Three Strengths in Combat Arms Branch: Bravery and Valor, Self-Control and Self-Regulation

Your top strength is bravery and valor. This is great news regarding your future as an officer and desire to be in a combat arms branch. Bravery and valor go hand in hand with Armor and Infantry, your top two branch preferences. Applying these will be essential to your success. Showing bravery and valor, particularly…




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Qualities of Admirable People Analytical Essay

Have you ever known someone who has respect and admiration from everybody? It seems like people want to be around them. They are natural leaders and people trust them and follow them. Some of these people include famous historical people such as Galileo, Lincoln, and Churchill. What qualities make these people so admirable? In my…



Personality Traits

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What Bravery Means for Me

In June of 2015, he left me. “Be brave”, my father said. With these cryptic words, he fled, never to be seen again. I was left to ponder over the meaning of bravery. I waited for him to come back, but he never did. It hurt that he, who I trusted, left me alone to my mother,…



Personal Experiences

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Christopher Johnson McCandless Analytical Essay

Chris McCandless was a brave and fearless young man who took the fate of his life into his own hands. Instead of following social norms and living how society, his parents, and those around him told him to, Chris ventured out into the world on his own to live his life by his own rules….


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Chris Mccandless,

Into the Wild

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Bravery in The Red Badge of Courage

The Red Badge of Courage is a realistic fictional account of a Union soldier from the American Civil War. His story begins with the young soldier living at home with his mother on a farm and hearing great sensationalized stories of battle and war. His mom did not approve of him signing up, but he…

American Civil War,



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Replace Fear of The Unknown with Curiosity, Don’t Be Afraid of Failing Personal Essay

The difference between fear and curiosity is that one often disables us and the other enables. The replacement of fear with interest often opens us up to and abundance possibility. We should strive to not let fear control our lives but to be straightforward with enthusiasm, pushing our limits, coming out of our standard choice…


Character Traits,


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The Weakness of Bravery


Bravery is a virtue, and not everyone has it in himself. There is a very thin line between bravery and foolishness, and the one who understands it is the real hero. We have a lot of examples in history where the warriors, leaders, politicians rose to the heights of success through bravery. What if you need to write a Bravery essay? Are you getting difficulty in finding the right content? You should not be worried as we will help you with this issue by providing the best content. You can see various example essays uploaded on our website related to this topic, and by reading these samples, you can also write a bravery definition essay. We have tried to cover all the dimensions of the topic by uploading a long and short essay on bravery, and we just want some of your time here. It is requested to you give some of your time to us, and we will try our level best to deliver quality services to you.

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