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Qualities of Admirable People

Have you ever known someone who has respect and admiration from everybody? It seems like people want to be around them. They are natural leaders and people trust them and follow them. Some of these people include famous historical people such as Galileo, Lincoln, and Churchill. What qualities make these people so admirable? In my…



Personality Traits

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What Bravery Means for Me

In June of 2015, he left me. “Be brave”, my father said. With these cryptic words, he fled, never to be seen again. I was left to ponder over the meaning of bravery. I waited for him to come back, but he never did. It hurt that he, who I trusted, left me alone to my mother,…



Personal Experiences

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Christopher Johnson McCandless

Chris McCandless was a brave and fearless young man who took the fate of his life into his own hands. Instead of following social norms and living how society, his parents, and those around him told him to, Chris ventured out into the world on his own to live his life by his own rules….


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Chris Mccandless,

Into the Wild

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Bravery in The Red Badge of Courage

The Red Badge of Courage is a realistic fictional account of a Union soldier from the American Civil War. His story begins with the young soldier living at home with his mother on a farm and hearing great sensationalized stories of battle and war. His mom did not approve of him signing up, but he…

American Civil War,



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