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White Privilege Evaluation of Sources

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White Privilege


Source A Origins: Source A is a primary source and was published online on the 12th of February 2017, on News 24 by City Press which is a well-known media, news outlet in South Africa under a journalist\writer by the name Theo Mapheto who is a youth activist and attorney based in Johannesburg, under the…

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History of Stanford Prison Experiment

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Stanford Prison Experiment

A great Russian novelist named Dostovesky spent four years in Siberian. Prison. His time there led him to be deeply optimistic about the futures of mankind, simply because he believes that a man who can survive the horrors of prison, could be a person who can survive anything. There is evidence that prisons do not…

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Body Language


As a hearing individual, one of my favorite things to do in my free time is to play with makeup. I can sit for hours on end learning how to apply makeup and how to accentuate my beauty on sites like YouTube, or I let my own creativity take the wheel and try something completely…

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My Virtual Child’s Physical, Cognitive and Social Development 

Pages 9 (2 123 words)

Child Development

Child Psychology


Variations in physical growth among people are common and visible everywhere in everyday observations. People differ in height, body weight, body proportions, and fitness. People differ in abilities to move and perform physical skills and tasks. These differences provide valuable insights into our maturation, overall development, and health. The study of physical growth and development…

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The Messengers

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Body Language


Com-mu-ni-ca-tion: the process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior. Communication can also be summed up as the process of understanding and sharing meaning. What kind of style is needed to clothe your communication? Consider clothing yourself with knowledge of how to start a conversation; put…

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Analysis of Film “Stanford Prison Experiment”

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Stanford Prison Experiment

What is the reasoning behind our actions, our thoughts, the way we ‘decide’ to live our lives? Is it our sense of individuality, the fear that others are watching? The influences of a higher power or do we fear punishment. We have a limit of individuality and fear plays a major part in society and…

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Fear of Life After High School

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Life after High School


After High School, A scary thought to realize is that there is only about 5 months more until the class of 2019 graduates and is left to face the real world. I will soon be a part of the millions of students in the United States graduating and am certain that I’m just as stressed…

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The Humility Abstract

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William Blake’s collection of Songs of Innocence and of Experience stands first as a simple representation of a fallen world as seen through an innocent soul, and then an ill-favored representation of the same world through the experienced soul. Mercy, Pity, Peace, and Love are Christian values personified through a pair of poems in this…

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Obsessed on Revenge

Pages 3 (639 words)


Have you ever thought on getting revenge? Dead men tell no tales, unknown, this quote has some sarcasm on it, as you notice. Men who are dead can’t talk anymore so they have a zero percent chance on saying a word. Another quote would be “The thousand injuries of Fortunato I had borne as I…

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Body Language


The article offers a study of identity from the linguistic perspective, taking into account that language and culture are indispensable constituents of someone`s identity. The article is aimed at revealing the role of identity as a multitudinary notion and influence of verbal and non-verbal means on its construction, since quite often, interlocutors, interviewees choose not…

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Psychology is increasingly becoming a popular field of study in today’s modern world. This may be because it is widely regarded as an important area of study that touches almost all aspects of human life. Essay about Psychology expresses it as a field that exploits scientific knowledge about the human mind and behaviour to solve complex human problems.

In psychology essay, the more people want to know about themselves and their environments, the more psychology becomes fascinating. This makes psychological courses more popular since many people are nowadays interested in themselves, others, and their environments. Besides the fact that this discipline helps in understanding humanity, it does a lot in guaranteeing students multiple employment prospects. People who have studied psychology have many career choices.

With a psychology degree, diploma, one can secure work as a counsellor, a lawyer, prosecutor, an educator, medical practitioner, or even a marketer, among many other professional careers. Psychology essay examples depict psychology as a discipline that complements tens of different areas of study. This not only makes psychology a fascinating discipline but also a popular area of study.

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