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Personal Growth And Moral Development In “Great Expectation”

The great expectation is a novel written by Charles Dickens in 1860. It is a “Bildungsroman” novel, which is a novel of development that depicts the personal growth and moral development of an orphan named Pip. Joe and Magwitch are two father figures who contribute to Pip’s moral development and his transition into a gentleman….

Charles Dickens,


Moral Development,

Personal Growth

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The Moral Obligation of Charity and the Critique of Relativism and Egoist

Charity is an act of giving to others in need, it entails food, clothing, money and displaying kindness. It also relates to ethics that deals with good and bad behaviors. It highlights questions about morality regarding its subjectivity or objectivity. Ethics also describes the relationship between self-interest and morality, discusses the positive and negative effect…

Helping Others,

Moral Development

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