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Defying Conventions: A Spectrum of Deviant Behavior Examples

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Embracing Our Humanity: Understanding and Compassion in the Face of Deviant Behavior

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Mechanism Defensive Behaviors Argumentative Essay

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Aggressive Behavior

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Criticisms of Arch’s Experiment

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Relationship Between Behavior and Attitude

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Theory of Planned Behavior

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Deviant Behavior as a Problem of Socio-Cultural Anthropogenesis

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Correction of Children Behavior

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Child Development

Child Psychology

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Types of Human Behavior in Society

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Video Games are Helpful and not Harmful

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Abnormal Behavior

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Behavioral Finance

Employment and School Attendance on Criminal Behavior

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Aggression in Childhood

Should We Always Be Moral?

Social Class: Unethical Behavior between the Classes

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The Fallacies of Conversion Therapy

Moral Responsibility and Free Will

Role of a Leader

Moral Philosophy and Cases of Moral Dilemma

Virtue Ethics, Goodness and Morality

Slave Morality versus Master Morality

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The Effects of Microaggression on Bisexual Women

Understanding Why Microaggression is Hurtful

Giving and Receiving: What is Better

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Understanding Human Behavior from The Perspective of Social Exchange Theory and Cognitive Dissonance

An Examination of the Dramatic Changes in Shopping Behavior of Consumers in America

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View on Psychology as a Science

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Altruism and Egoism in Relation to Prosocial Behaviour

Conformity vs. Rebellion in Story Bartleby the Scrivener

Why It is Important to Follow Orders

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Role of Haraam Case Study Sample

The Definition Of Confirmation Bias

How Literature Teaches Us The Importance of Altruism

What Is Mimicry?

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Essay On Children Leading and Behavior

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Forces of Obedience: Social Identity & Identity-based Followership

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My Life as a Procrastinator

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Role of Obedience in Human Success

Procrastination Abstract

Good Theory Course Work Example

Holocaust: The Milgram Experiment Results

Action Speak Louder Than Words

Free Article About Consumer Behavior in Relation to Price Determination

The Milgram Experiment: Ethical Or Non-ethical

Business Discourse Community

Free Chinese Students Dissertation Example

Community Service

Epigenetics Articles Example

The Kim Dynasty and North Korea’s Power Structure


Behavior – directed personally or socially significant actions, the source of which is the person himself and the author’s responsibility for which is assigned to him.

The behavior of an organism is externally visible, as a rule of a motor nature of the action, movement, and reaction of an animal or a person, considered as an organism.

Types of behavior

There are many classifications of behavior. Distinguish between social, bodily and psychological behavior. On the other hand, they distinguish between internal and external behavior, innate and acquired (and in it – creative), intentional and not, conscious and not, correct and erroneous.

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