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Is The First Impression Of A Person Always Right?

No one should be judged for how they look or act, it can bring one’s self-esteem down, causing them to be unhappy and not themselves when around other people. Judging how a person looks can affect how they think of their appearance, personality and how they act because of their looks, sometimes meaning they could…

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Personal Characteristics,


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First Impression and Errors in Perceptual Judgment

Alternate routes for deciding about others frequently permit us to cause precise perceptions to quickly and give legitimate information to make predictions. A portion of the Errors in perceptual judgment made by interviewers are selective perception, first impression error, contrast error, halo effect, stereotyping, horns effect, and similarity error. (Robbins & Judge, 2018) Any trademark…

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First Impression in the First Day of High School

Transitioning to high school can be intimidating and scary. You are now four years away from graduating and having to figure out what you want to do after you graduate. You are also the youngest group of kids in the school and do not know your way around. Surviving your first day of high school…

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High School

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Formation of First Impression and Its Effect on Relationship

Every day, people meet each other. Whether it’s at a bar, a brunch, or a business meeting, those first few moments of contact are important in forming an initial impression in each other’s minds. These first impressions can be difficult to overcome, and thus they can be vital to the beginning stages of a relationship,…

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First Impressions of Personality Traits From Body Shapes 

Abstract Although assumptions of personality types from facial appearance has been studied and proven to be present, the study of assuming a person’s personality type based on their body, has not received as much attention. In this study, the subjects were presented with 140 male and female body types(70 of each gender), that were created…

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Human Body,

Personality Traits

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