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My Childhood Home Creative Essay

Childhood, is a pleasurable time in which our life is innocent. Childhood, is the most beautiful and wonderful moment in our life. The house, which gave me the ineffaceable, beautiful and vivid memories of my memory, was an amazing place that made my childhood more joyful than ever. Sometimes how I wish I could go…



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Childhood Immunization

Introduction Nothing concerns a health care provider more than walking into a patient’s room to take a history and realizing that the child or adult you are attempting to treat never received vaccinations. Unfortunately, this situation and the number of “anti-vaxxers” in the United States are becoming a prevailing trend. This is regrettably proven by…



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Influence of Television on Children Behavior

Almost in every home, there is a television. Therefore, many people watch television every day, and it is one of their favorite activities. Children, for example, are considered top viewers of television. However, it is believed that what children watch on television influences their behavior for three key reasons. The first reason is that watching…




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Early Childhood Caries

Executive Summary Early Childhood Caries (ECC) is defined as the existence of decayed, missing, or filled primary tooth surfaces in children aged 71 months or younger (Fejerskov & Kidd, 2008). Dental caries is an international public health challenge, especially among children. If left untreated, it leads to pain, causing difficulty in chewing and smiling, thus…



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Effects of Childhood Trauma

As children grow up, there are bad things that happen in life. Some are obvious, such as a natural disaster that destroys a home, physical abuse or the death of a parent. Others may also disturb a child’s sense of safety and well-being, such as violence in the community or parental drug abuse. Something as…

Child Psychology,


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Importance of Childhood Vaccines Researches

The research in each article points to the importance of adherence to the annually updated childhood vaccine schedule. Each of the studies outlined the different beliefs parents have towards vaccinating their children. Though each study has a completely different sample population and focus, all five studies can be related to the importance of childhood immunization….



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How Childhood Affecting on Life

Introduction Childhood, just the word gives some the feeling of joy and nostalgia while others get the memories of past trauma and treachery. The way you were brought up and raised will affect you all the way through your life, it can change how you perceive the world and the way your brain is physically…



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Sewards Park as My Favorite Place from My Childhood Home

To some people it may just be a hilltop or a park, maybe even just a place by the river to fish but to me this was my favorite place. Sewards park was across the street from my Childhood home, literally, the swing set was directly in front ot my tront yard. Grassy hills, a…




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Ethical Dilemma of Childhood Vaccinations

Abstract This paper explores the ethical principles involved in childhood immunizations, analyzing the balance of autonomy of parents and the obligation to public safety (NCBI). The attitudes of parents about vaccinations are based on a variety of factors including, social and cultural customs, education and confidence in medicine. There are continuous efforts to promote communication…


Ethical Dilemma,


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Aggression in Childhood

A number of different factors can influence aggression in children. Biological, environmental, and physical factors can all contribute to childhood aggression. Men are more likely than women to engage in physical aggression. However, researchers have discovered that women use non-physical forms, such as verbal aggression, relational aggression, and social rejection more often than men. Growing…


Child Psychology,


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Childhood is a period of human development, when a person learns to understand the world around him, trains the necessary skills, and assimilates the culture of his society.

At the same time, it should be understood that childhood is not just a phase of human development, but a concept that has different social and cultural content in different epochs and among different peoples. The development and socialization of a child take place in a certain cultural environment, associated with other aspects of society. Understanding of childhood changes over the course of history and varies greatly from culture to culture.

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