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Patience Is One Part of My Teaching Philosophy

My insightful vision is basically based on a limitless passion. Before the students, I do everything to show my love of the language being taught. I want to share my passion for language in general. While the chief goal of any pedagogy is merely the transmission of knowledge and skills, pleasure seems to me to…




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It Takes Time and Patience to Achieve What You Want

I have learned so many things this past year in Expository Writing. I have learned that an argumentative essay or essays are organized in many different ways. Argumentative essays have one popular format which is the five paragraph essay. The five paragraph essay includes an introduction, three body paragraphs and a conclusion. The introduction includes…




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Patience Is a Skill That We Need to Relearn to Become Successful

As more generations of kids go through their adolescence wondering what’s their purpose in life, it seems as if they can never be fully satisfied. Today millennials spend most of the time on their phones and on social media. Whenever they feel overwhelmed, depressed, or just going through a rough time they tend to go…




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Patience Is a Trait That Helps to Achieve Success

My name is Lourdes Valencia. I am a 31 year old31-year-old mother of three. Married to an Army veteran who is now a clinician at our local jail. Growing up I was number 10 of 11 kids. School was never really enforced. My parents were farm laborers who were both born and raised in Mexico….





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What is Patience?

You can’t see me, nor can you hear me. You can’t feel me, or breathe me, yet I’m a key essential in the path of a happy, successful life. What am I? You can find me within the kindergartener who waits his turn at the water fountain. You can find me within the teenager who…


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