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Attraction essay

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Have you ever been in love and wondered why that person is even willing to look at you? If not, don’t worry because you’ll have your day soon. Many people ask themselves the question “Why would anyone ever find me attractive?” everyday. There are far more reasons for someone to be attracted to you besides a shiny new car or a big new mansion. Some of those reasons we don’t even notice about ourselves throughout our day-to-day. Like the way we move our arms or even just how we are smelling that day. If you take a closer look you can find all kinds of neat things about the rules of attraction.

When humans are attracted to each other, their bodies play a huge role in this attraction. This is not the only deciding factor though. Because a male might have a really handsome chiseled face, and a muscular body, a female might not be interested in him because of his attitude or personality. Even the way you move your body can tell a member of the opposite gender way more about you than you would have thought.

Year-to-Year scientist have been doing research and surveys of how your body language plays a part in attraction between genders. The way a person displays his/her body language plays a big role if he/she is interested in you. Rutgers University anthropologist Helen Fisher says that the human body knows within seconds of meeting a person if they are attractive or not.

Some ways that your body language show attraction are availability and fertility. When we come into contact with someone whose genetic code is showing these signs through body language it is more attractive than a person who is not. Their are all kinds of everyday life situations that go into that decision though, so different people show these signs at different times of their lives. Next time you talk to a member of the opposite sex, keep a few of these things in mind and you will notice the differences.

A person who is available or at least willing to meet new individuals has a body language that shows it. Signs of this are that they are smiling more, uncrossed arms, and most important is that they are maintaining and upward gaze and keep eye contact. If a person is unavailable they will be doing the exact opposite and staying to themselves a little more. Crossed-arms, hands in pockets, or now-a-days glued to their cell-phones. To a person who is single and ready to mingle, this behavior is going to be displayed as unattractive.

Fertility is also something that body language can give hints to. for men; standing up straight, squaring your shoulders, and displaying your hands. These are all signs of fertility in men in which women find attractive. If you went on a date, and you didn’t give eye contact or sit straight up, the other party might think you are not interested. They might even think that you are not a respective person and have other bad habits. When a woman is ovulating she is found to be more fertile than she is at other times of the month so it would also show in her body language.

In today’s society, the way your body is shaped also plays a big role in the attraction category. All men and women have their ideal body shape they find attractive. For women, they want a big muscular man, and for a man, they want a slim “hourglass” body shaped woman. “The idea is that beauty is conveying information about health and fertility” (Devandra Singh) Some people dedicate their lives into shaping their body into an ideal shape by exercising daily and lifting weights.

Psychologist Devandra Singh (University of Texas) studied people waist to hip-ratio (WHR). Studies show that women with the WHR of 0.7, meaning the waist is smaller than the hips are more attractive to men. In general a range of 0.67-1.18 is attractive to men. During puberty, females produce estrogen which creates a gynoid body type ( fat is deposited on the hips, buttocks, and breasts, which creates a smaller appearing waist compared to the hips. Despite the belief that large breasts are more attractive, it is really the size of breasts in proportion to the hips, creating the classic “hourglass” figure. For men, higher testosterone and good health, gives the classic “V-shaped” body which women are more attracted to. Studies have shown that people in the acceptable range of testosterone are usually less vulnerable to diseases like cardiovascular disorders, cancer, and diabetes. The more testosterone you have determines how much your muscles grow and how much bigger your body can get, with a little exercise.

When humans are attracted to each other different things will happen to their bodies to show physical attraction. Nothing major, minor changes, blood will flow to the face being flushed. Other symptoms include your heartbeat will raise when you’re close to a person you find attractive due to you being nervous. When you are nervous you can get sweaty palms,stutter, the person almost might fidget and touch their hair when talking to you. Research has found that both male and females change their voices when talking to people they’re attracted to. One other way you can tell that a man is attracted to you is that he has a boner.

Humans are always giving away subtle signs of attraction. Women will be used in this section because it is easier to tell when a women is subconsciously attracted to a man. One sign a women does without thinking about it when she is attracted is that she will point her feet towards you. Sometimes subconsciously when her feet are pointed towards you she is thinking about you. Also, she will almost always touch her hair. This is called frequent-self grooming. She can also walk by you and “accidently” brush you, or when shes walking by you she squeezes through the space with her face towards you. There are some other incidents that girls will act stupid with the person she likes or want attention from.

Men, have you ever walked past a woman and noticed how appealing her perfume smelled? Or ladies, when you walk by a man and smell that fancy cologne? It’s a pheromone in the air that you may or may not find really attractive to you. A pheromone is an airborne molecule that elicit a reaction in a memeber of the opposite gender. Perfume is not the only example of a pheromone, most pheromones are not even man made and just come from your own body.

One thing you might not find too sexy is someone who is a little bit sweaty right? Well your immune system might disagree with you there. The Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) is an arrangement of genes in your immune system that give you your own certain “Odor-fingerprint”. One way humans sense it is through the pheromones that sweat give off. People with compatible MHC’s will yield more healthy offspring which is why they will find each other more attractive. Scientist show that women prefer the smell of a man’s sweaty t-shirt who has a MHC that matches hers way, more than a man’s sweaty t-shirt who doesn’t match it. So when you are with your significant other and you enjoy a scent their “odor”, you shouldn’t feel as weird as you probably already do.

Animal research is being done about something called the “Terminal Nerve”, a nerve that humans also contain. It runs from the nose straight into the cranial. When this nerve was severed in hamsters they failed to mate. And when the nerve was shocked in male zebrafish, they ejaculated. The same thing is not necessarily proven true in humans, but they still show an importance of nerves running from the nose into the brain are in the rules of attraction in other members of the animal kingdom. It is certain that humans use this nerve as a high-way into the brain for sex-hormones which is extremely important for development throughout puberty though.

There are many theories on how male and female shows attraction, for me the easiest way to tell if a girl digs you is how her body language is towards you. I feel this is easy to spot. She/He can be throwing themselves at you or shyly trying to keep your attention.

Who wouldn’t want their boyfriend or girlfriend to look like a model? But not everyone has that “perfect” figure. Also some people might look “hot” but be dumb as a brick. There are many ways, and theories to tell that a person is attracted to you, sadly i couldn’t cover all of it. Hopefully from you reading this you’ll learn new things and will be able to tell if a person is attracted to you.

Attraction essay

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