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Intelligence as the Ability to Learn Critical Essay

The notion of “intelligence” and how it is measured have been debated for decades. However, nature and origins of intelligence are indefinable, and its value and accuracy of the intelligence tests are ambiguous. There is an understanding that intelligence mostly defined as the capacity the ability to acquire knowledge. Intelligence may include the ability to…



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IQ Tests and Definition of Intelligence

What is intelligence, and what is it about? Most individuals have taken the Intelligence tests from a series of complex or simple questions to measure their IQ to determine if they’re smart or not. Although we never know what IQ we have until we take the test to determine it. From Asimov’s point about intelligence,…



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A Look Into Intelligence

Affiliate School Intelligence can simply be defined as the capacity to acquire and apply knowledge. Everyone is born with a certain capacity of knowledge. Others may have higher IQs than others but what matters is how much knowledge one is able to acquire with maturity and improve on their intelligence. Due to the interest in…



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The Role of Genetics in Determining Intelligence

Abstract Intelligence is basically a skill for cognitive problem-solving. It is the mental ability to reason, recognize relationships and analogies, calculate, learn and comprehend things etc. In simple words, ‘Intelligence is what you do when you don’t know what to do’ (WWW3). Certain psychologists have broken down intelligence into 7 components: musical, bodily-kinesthetic, logical-mathematical, linguistic,…



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Valuability of Multiple Intelligences, Intelligence Quotient, and Emotional Intelligence

“An intelligence is the ability to solve problems, or to create products, that are valued within one or more cultural settings. (Gardner H. 1983)” Throughout history, people hold in high regard the importance of having a high Intelligence Quotient (IQ). Believing that if a person possesses a generally high IQ it would mean that this…

Emotional Intelligence,


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Theory of Multiple Intelligence Personal Essay

Almost every brain has the same parts but uses each part completely unalike. Each person in the world has a unique personal way of learning in their brain. This is where the theory of multiple intelligences comes into play. Multiple intelligence stands for different intellectual abilities in a person. This means each person has their…




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The Capacity for Logic, Understanding, Self-Awareness, Learning, Emotional Knowledge

Intelligence can simply be defined as the capacity to acquire and apply knowledge. Everyone is born with a certain capacity of knowledge. Others may have higher IQs than others but what matters is how much knowledge one is able to acquire with maturity and improve on their intelligence. Due to the interest in the intelligence…



Self Awareness

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Intelligence and Types of Thinking

Flynn (2016) stated that intelligence has two levels with the use of Scientific Theories and with the support of Mathematically measured concepts in order to verify the IQ estimated scores of the Schools Accomplishments, and Job qualification. Intelligence Flynn (2016) stated that It determines the ranking of cognitive issues that happens in a certain Time…



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Different Types of Intelligence

Intelligence is considered to be wise or Einstein smart, but what people don’t realize is that it comes in many unique forms. People that have control of their body or that are human calculators are both considered intelligent in their own ways. Today’s society has pinpointed what intelligence is and that people should only be…


Human Body,


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Intelligence and Its Types

What is Intelligence? Intelligence is the ability where a person learns from his experience, solve problems in a frequent manner and use his knowledge to learn new things. Charles Spearman denotes the general intelligence with ‘g’. He believes that intelligence involves various abilities, that correlate with each other to define a small general intelligence factor….



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