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Depression, Anxiety and Suicide

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Anxiety Disorder



40 people die from suicide each second. This number is increasing because of depression and anxiety. Social media is the main cause of depression and anxiety. Furthermore, teens who spend more time on social media are more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression. A rising problem that affects a million people around the world…

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Mental Illness – Depression

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Mental Illness

Mental illness is described as distinctive nature of feeling worthlessness, sadness, and guilt, in comparison to just a person suffering from a normal sadness or the grief of losing a love one Depression is more persistent and much more serious. Depression is ranked as the main cause of disability because people suffering with grief will…

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Essence and History of Depression Disorder

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Bipolar Disorder


According to (Beyondblue.org.au, nd), depression is an intense feeling of sadness, moody or low for a long period of time and sometimes it may occur without any reasons. It is a condition which gives impact on physical and mental health of a person. However, the statement above only explains what depression is generally understood as,…

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Causes and Treatment of Depression among Students

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Poor health status is one of the causes that leads to depression among student university. In this case, student likely to overlook about their mental and body condition. They think because of their strong and sturdy body can avoid them suffer from psychology disorder such as depression. University student always busy with their packed schedule…

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Depression and Suicide

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Over the past centuries, people have gone through events in their life that put them in state of which leaves them feeling like, the world has fallen on them. Having unhappy moments in your life is a part of what makes your life normal, but when emotions such as misery and loneliness take a hold…

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Depression as an Illness

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Depression is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects a person’s mental and physical health. This report will illustrate about depression on how it influences a person’s emotions and health. It will also show the risk factors, prevalence of depression in Australia, what treatment and medication attention is needed for depression and how…

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Depression Is More Prevalent in Women

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Mental Health

According to the current research, the prevalence of major depression is higher in women than in men, in 2010 the global annual prevalence was 5.5% and 3.2% respectively which is representing greater incidence in women. (Paul R. Albert, 2015). The saddest part is when women are typically being stereotyped by society of how physically and…

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Depression: Researches, Symptoms, Treatment

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Mental Health

Investigated Disease Process Depression rates have risen over the years and it has been considered a debilitating disease for many. Working in the oncology field, I see this manifest in many of the patients I care for on a daily basis. Major depressive disorder is different from having feelings of being down or just sad…

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Personal Traits Are Closely Correlated with Depression

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Personality Traits

Depression, which can easily be called as “psychological cold”, is one of the diseases many modern people are suffering from. In general, depression is a condition that interest in daily life is low and a sense of sadness persists. If the symptoms are severe, it can lead to sleep disorders, cognitive decline, and even suicide…

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Causes of Depression and Ways to Reduce Risks

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Mental Health

Depression is a serious mental illness with continuously low mood and a sense of despair and loss of interest. It is indeed an ongoing concern in the world. 7.6 percent of teenagers over the age of 12 have depression in a fortnight according to the statistics of the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)….

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Life in modern society is filled with stress caused by the huge influx of information, unrealistic expectations for life set by social media, frightening news about conflicts and wars around the world, and all the depressing stuff happening in our daily lives. When reading essays on depression, you’d probably notice that there has been a considerable increase in related mental diseases among young people around the world. If you want to write your own depression essay, explore the issue from the scientific perspective or even give your personal reflection on the problem, it might be a good idea to check out some depression essay samples to get a general idea on where to start. As a student, you are probably dealing with tons of stuff in your life, including assignments from your college teacher, personal relationships, friendships, love interests, and more. All of that puts pressure on your mental stability, which is why it might be a good idea to explore the topic of depression to know what you might be dealing with here and be prepared for the challenge.

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