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Psychological And Psychiatric Disorders, Especially Depression

Teenage suicide is a health concern that continues to be a major issue today. Teenage suicide is the act of an adolescent or young adult purposely taking their life This act can be by way of hanging, drugs, or by the use of a lethal weapon, The end result is still the loss of one’s…




Teenage Depression

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Adolescent and Life-Span Development

Introduction Adolescence is a time when individuals bodies are developing into an adult who are experiencing physical as well as neurological changes. According to Santrock (2019), adolescence is described as a transitional period in the human life span linking childhood and adulthood. It has also been described as a time of evaluation, decision making, commitment…


Human Development

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Adolescence: Between Childhood and Adulthood

When the word Adolescent comes to mind I picture a teen putting on makeup for the first time, or a young boy in Walgreens confused on what condom pack to purchase. The word adolescent can be used to insinuate a child’s age, whereas the term adolescence can suggest beings that are still figuring life out…




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The Effects of Male Late-Onset Puberty in Adolescence

Late-onset puberty can have anywhere from negligible to deep reaching physical, social, and psychological effects on the growth and development of male adolescents that follow them as they mature into adulthood. This paper will discuss some of the causes and effects of delayed puberty, as well as some known biological and psychological risks associated with…


Child Psychology,

Reproductive System

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Gender Impacts on Adolescence Research Paper

The lives of young people have changed dramatically in different ways over the years. Evidence suggests that the transition from youth to adulthood is very different now to how it was during previous generations. For example, throughout the middle ages, research suggests that both children and adolescents were seen as ‘miniature’ adults and because of…


Child Psychology,


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Adolescent’s Helping Others

In today’s world society ask adolescents from a young age what they strive to be when they grow up. This leads to kids dreaming to be unique things such as princesses, astronauts, actresses and other things that adults hear them say and may think is not realistic or difficult to achieve. Growing up, I had…


Communication Skills,

Helping Others,


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All About Adolescences

This paper explores the steps of adolescences, puberty, gender identity, and gender roles. Information from philosopher Jean Piaget who had four stages of cognitive development in adolescences. The difference of adolescence and puberty will also be explored. Erik Erikson ideas were the most influential theory of adolescent development. Erikson’s theory included the identity versus identity…


Child Psychology

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Case Study Analysis From Teenager’s Life

The process of parental divorce can cause many changes in children’s lives, behavior, emotions and their attachment to each parent. In the third grade, Dean‘s self-confidence took a hit, due to his parents’ divorce which affected his grades and his parent-child relationship. According to Petrov & Dafinoiu (2017), “Poor school performance, low self-esteem, behavior problems,…


Case Study,




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Psychology of Adolescence

The film by Richard Linklater was released in 2014 and was shot over the course of 12 years to depict the physical changes that the actors experienced in their real lives. The actors’ ages correspond with the timeline of the movie. The plot begins in 2002; Mason is 6 years old and lives with his…


Child Psychology,


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Hopelessness in Adolescents

Adolescents today have a lot on their belt: academics, peer pressure, start of responsibility, and other variables in their young lives. To some adolescents, they naturally overcome challenges they face on the life of today’s world. However, there are some adolescents that emotional feeling that makes their mental health decline during their development of future…



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