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Adolescent’s Helping Others

In today’s world society ask adolescents from a young age what they strive to be when they grow up. This leads to kids dreaming to be unique things such as princesses, astronauts, actresses and other things that adults hear them say and may think is not realistic or difficult to achieve. Growing up, I had…


Communication Skills,

Helping Others,


Case Study Analysis From Teenager’s Life

The process of parental divorce can cause many changes in children’s lives, behavior, emotions and their attachment to each parent. In the third grade, Dean‘s self-confidence took a hit, due to his parents’ divorce which affected his grades and his parent-child relationship. According to Petrov & Dafinoiu (2017), “Poor school performance, low self-esteem, behavior problems,…


Case Study,




Cyber Bullying Among Adolescence

Introduction Cyber bullying means insulting, threatening, defaming or intentionally harassing other people using modern means of communication, usually for a long period of time. Cyber bullying happens either on the internet or by the telephone. Most of the time the culprit, referred to as bully acts anonymously, so that the victim does not know from…


Bullying In Schools,

Cause And Effect Of Bullying,

Cyber Bullying,


Discovering Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Children all around the world are growing up with various diseases and disorders. With research and science, our nation has been discovering and unveiling more and more different cases of disorders that have hindered children’s psychological development. One disorder that in specifics, is Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Without any knowledge, one might not think twice about…



Anxiety Disorder,

Child Psychology

Cyber Bullying Issue

Social Networking has taken bullying to the outrageous. Prior to advanced technology, kids and teenagers were troubled by school bullies. Today, they are focused by bullies by means of internet. The vast majority experience some form of bullying throughout their life. Growing up, I encountered being bullied like typical name calling. I additionally dealt with…


Cyber Bullying,


Implication of Arital Divorce on Juvenile Delinquency

Introduction The concurrent rate of juvenile delinquency in our society today indicates that there are some dysfunctional trends in the family setting which encourages this menace. Family serves as one of the strongest socializing forces in a person’s life. They help teach children to control unacceptable behavior, and to respect the rights of others. Whether…



Parents Divorce

The Impact of Mental Illness on Adolescents

Mental illness in adolescents remains a major milestone to be mitigated by social workers. This is because social work entails efforts geared towards improving the economic, physical, and mental wellbeing of all members of the society, particularly the most vulnerable. It is the necessity of social workers to improve the living conditions and wellbeing of…


Mental Illness

How Peer Influences Affect Adolescents, Youths, or Adults’ Behaviors

Gardner and Steinberg (2005) conducted an experiment to find out if peer influences affect adolescents, youths, or adults’ behaviors. They pulled people from around the urban community and ended up with a sample of 306 participants consisting of adolescents of ages 13-16, youth of ages 18-22 and adults of ages 24 and older. The youths…



Peer Pressure

Importance Of Family Planning For Youth

Introduction Family planning is the practice of controlling the number of children one has and the intervals between their birth, particularly by the means of contraception or voluntary sterilization. There are certain modern contraception and other methods of birth control to regulate the number to regulate the number, timing and spacing of human birth. Population…



Gender Roles,

Planned Parenthood,


Cyber Bullying in the Internet

Cyber-bullying is a form of bullying or harassment using electronics means. It has become gradually more common, especially among young people nowadays. Cyber-bullying is when someone bully or harass others through social media sites. Today, young people and even the adults are using the internet. The internet and mobile phones systems are the two biggest…


Cyber Bullying,


Social Media

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