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Stress at Work

In this survey, the respondents consist of 38 male and 40 female who work in the construction site. Among the respondents, 40 people feel stress at work and only out of 38 has experienced symptoms of stress. This category of respondents is construction workers who have been working in a construction site for a long…

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Physiology of Stress

Introduction Stress is a part of everyday living where we are exposed to situations that produce stress in our regular lifecycle. Different people have different type of understanding and reactions to events that make stress different for them. Stress is our body’s response to a situation whether it’s good or bad depending on restraint in…




Stress In Families Of Young Children

Review of Literature According to B. L. Baker, J. Blacher et al (2009) study on “Resilience and the course of daily parenting stress in families of young children with intellectual disabilities” says that decreases in mothers’ daily parenting stress trajectory were associated with both mother and father’s well‐being and perceived marital adjustment, as well as…



Stress in Our Life

In this world,stress happenened in everyone’s common life,such as study life,work life and emotional life. You can’t aviod it,when you get stress you should face it and find some ways to overcome it,then you will fell better after overcome it! So with all that said,what is stress that we definition it? Stress is the definition…

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Work Related Stress

Work related stress is growing worldwide and producing serious concerns for both workers and organizations, as it can lead to complaint, absenteeism, turnover and reduced work performance.1 While it is a highest concern for organizations because of its adverse consequences, it may be a more insistent concern for health care professionals, especially nurses, who face…

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Resilience Quotient

Resilience quotient (RQ) is a dynamic evaluate process where in individuals that display bounce back or recover from stress and can adapt to stressful circumstances. Resilience quotient also includes other factors such as the capacity to make realistic plans, having self-confidence and a positive self-image, developing communication skills, and the capacity to manage strong feelings…



Types of Stress and Its Effect on Health

Stress is the new illness of the century, and it is our body’s response to change. Everyone experiences stress at some point of his or her life. It varies among people, because everyone responds to challenging or stressful situations differently. Those who know how to handle, and overcome it; live healthy lives. However, those who…



Positive and Negative Impact of Occupational Stress

As we all know that the stress may occur in many forms such as psychological, emotional, physical, social, occupational or job-related. Occupational stress is a condition arising from job-related factors or combination of factors obstructing the worker and impinging on his or her physical, psychological health and simultaneously leading to various organizational consequences such as…



Types and Effect of Stress and Importance of Stress Management

Explanation on Stress Stress, as defined by Hans Seyle is the “nonspecific response of the body to any demand made upon it”. Another definition of stress emphasizes that what makes a situation stressful is our appraisal of our own capabilities in relation to that situation (McEwen,2001, p.173). That simply means that when we feel like…


Stress Management

Benefits of Acute Stress and Harm of Chronic Stress

The preservation, strengthening, and prevention of mental health is of great importance for a healthy lifestyle. The psycho-emotional state is one of the determining factors in our health, which is manifested in the ability to control emotions, think positively, maintain a balance between spiritual and physical development. A mentally healthy person adequately evaluates reality, shows…

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