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Compassion for the Poor

The United States has an estimated fifty million citizens in poverty, with a homeless population over five hundred thousand. These problems are not unique to the US or any country, with poverty, starvation, and poor living conditions existing worldwide. While some believe that the world is survival of the fittest and that we as a…



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Compassion Fatigue

If precautions are not taken, the caring and empathetic medical professionals can fall victim to the overwhelming circumstances, which may result in compassion fatigue. While this issue is already a heavy problem for nurses, the greater problem is that not many nurses are able to identify when they, themselves are at risk. Bringing awareness to…


Health Care

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Compassion: The Path to Flourishing

My thesis statement is showing compassion for oneself and others is the key to flourishing. Flourishing in context with this essay will mean happiness for oneself as well as the benefit of a healthy mind and body. My thoughts and ideas will be an analysis of these readings: Chapter one from A Fearless Heart by…


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Issue of Compassion Fatigue in Nursing

Abstract A nurse’s philosophical attitude guides his or her daily nursing practice. This understanding includes paradigms and theory, which reflects nurses values, and utilizes or pin points significant attributes within their nursing practice. The purpose of this paper highlights the various concepts of support, nursing self-care, supporting the practice and compassion fatigue. A registered nurse…



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Difference between Pity and Compassion

Pity and compassion are two distinct terms that are often misunderstood by individuals in their day to day activities. Compassion encompasses a strong feeling or sympathy for an individual feels to another who is in need (Aaron 7). An excellent example of compassion in the Biblical teaching of a Good Samaritan. The Good Samaritan had…


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Compassion: How Do You Teach It?

The article, Compassion: How Do You Teach It? By Kochler-Evans & Barnes demonstrates the powerful difference it can make if educators promoted acts of compassion and care to students. A model of influence was developed by the authors to lead and take action for compassionate acts. According to Seppala, compassion is a different concept from empathy,…



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Showing Compassion in Health Care

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