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The Problem of Evil

In Bilezikian, this portion of the reading is one of the few that has caught my full attention. In the beginning of part three, Bilezikian states, “… if God is great and good, why did he create a world in which there are evil, pain, and sorrow”? This question stood out to me while I…




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Who’s Fault in Evil?

Many people when they hear the world evil tend to hate on it, or anything related to the act of “evil”. Then they may ask themselves who caused this? Can it be stopped for good? The logical problem of evil is that if there is a God in this Earth, he would want to create…




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Destructive Nature of Evil

Evil as deception applies when people fail to submit to a greater power and instead try to control others. Evil takes place when these individuals attack people threaten their self-concepts. The different between exclusion, dreadful pleasure and deception faces of evil is that in deception face, there is a failure to submit to a greater…


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Augustine and Hildegard’s View on Evil and Sin

Augustine’s theory of original sin mainly comes from the first sin committed by Adam and Eve described in the Bible, which is also the first sin committed by human beings according to Christianity, that is, Adam and Eve were tempted by a snake to eat the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden. From then…




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Evil in Theology and Psychology

Currently with a growing body of research on the topic of evil, it may be interesting to become acquainted with the definitions of evil from theology to psychology. These definitions affect how individuals perceive evil as a concept, leading them to experience it on their own terms. Theology takes evil seriously, bringing light upon the…




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Opposite of Evil and Good

The concept of good and evil are normally laid out very plain and simple as being opposites, but when examined more closely the concept that these two things are in total contrast to each other makes less sense than you’d think. To make a comparison, the entire process of life itself is all oriented around…



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Concepts of Good and Evil presented in Beowulf

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