Impact of Technology on Intellectual Development

Updated August 3, 2022

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Impact of Technology on Intellectual Development essay

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The purpose of my proposal is to request authorization to conduct a study whether or not kindergarteners should have exposure to technology at such a young age. Young age would be defined as children under the age 6. Being “exposed” as in the amount of time and any other related work that they will do with technology.

Technology improvement has been a problem for children. People are not sure whether or not it’s good for children or not. There have been arguments regarding this topic. Although technology provides many positive benefits for learning, it can also have negative effects on a child’s development and life. In this proposal, I plan to research the beneficial and the disadvantageous relationship between children’s expertise with technology. I will then outline a task list along with creating a budget for the expenses.


Technology has become an indispensable part in today’s time. From the way we do business to how we interrelate with other people, we use different technology such as computers, smartphones, television and so on. Additionally, having these gadgets has become a trend in today’s literacy and knowledge. We can see the positive relationship between technology and how it affects the education for different levels of students. However, some researchers believe that technology delays a child’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development.

Children today are born where technology is highly integrated into our daily life. According to Sajana Sigdel a graduate student at Johnson and Wales University, “As technology becomes easier to use and early childhood software proliferates, young children’s use of technology becomes more widespread.” In 2013, seventy-two percent of children of age eight and under have used a mobile device for media activity such as playing games, watching videos, or using apps in compare to thirty-eight percent in 2011 (Zero to Eight, 2013).

In addition, time spent using these devices has also increased by three times from five hours a day in 2011 to fifteen hours a day in 2013 (Zero to Eight, 2013). Based on many market researchers, large software companies have been focusing on early childhood development. Of the people who own home computers and have young children, 70% have purchased educational software for their children to use (SPA Consumer Market Report, 1996).

Technology can be used in order to improve our ability to learn. In 2001, the ratio of students to instructional computers with internet access in public schools was only 5.4 to 1 (Newburger, 2001). For this reason, children are getting more exposure to technology that helps them develop their cognitive and intellectual skills with proper interpreting and communication skills. However, this can be taken in the negative way. Nowadays, children are not getting enough exercise. Additionally, it causes eye strain and promotes bad posture because of the way they bend looking at their screens. In addition to this, extreme usage of technology may cause kids to become dyslexic which may cause their brains to not grasp things fast enough.

Proposed Plan

I will perform the following tasks in order to complete the project and determine the benefits of having technology at such a young age opposed to using the traditional children toys.

  • Research the benefits and history of children with technology

I will use credible resources, such as journal articles, and any other helpful blogs. The articles I use will also give me a brief history of technology and its effects on children’s intellectual and physical aspects.

  • Research whether or not technology is necessary for children.

I will use information that I gathered from task 1 and define my criteria. This will also help me to define what technology does to children. I will use many credible sources as well

  • Define criteria on impacts that technology have on Kindergarteners

Intellectual Impacts

I will compare both the positive and the negative impacts of technology on a child’s intellectual growth. The intellectual growth will consist of how they solve problems. Additionally, ask the question “Will technology improve a child’s cognitive ability?”.

Physical Impacts

I will determine how technology impacts a child’s physical health. Also, how they interact with their fellow peers and their day to day communication with the world.

  • Analyze Results

After I complete my comparison, I will analyze all my findings to determine the viability of Kindergarteners exposure to technology. I will compare and contrast various researchers’ opinions on this topic and decide if children should be exposed to technology at a young age.

  • Recommend the best option

Upon completion of my result analysis, I will make a recommendation as to whether or not Kindergarteners should have exposure to technology at such a young age or not.

  • Submit a finished analytical report

If my technology research proposal is accepted, I will have a complete report ready to submit on INSERT DATE HERE that has all my research findings.


The projected budget below shows the cost for this project. The management expenses will be used to pay for any hotels that I will stay. It will also include any gas and vehicle mileage during the times I travel to different places. The labor expenses will be used to pay for the time and effort that I will be putting the conduct research for this project.


In conclusion, the past half century has seen a dramatic increase in the amount of available technology that we can use especially children which will benefit them. Some forms of technology have no effect on the form of behavior they were designed to transform, while others have effects that reach far beyond their intended outcomes. All of this is indicative of a field that is still emerging.

What we do know is that, in technology, we have a set of tools that have the capability to drastically modify human behavior. Thank you for taking the time to review this proposal. If you need further help, feel free to contact me.

Impact of Technology on Intellectual Development essay

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