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Stronger Families, Stronger Societies

This is an article posted on the New York Times by William Bennett with an opinionated argument on how strong families are a strong factor of having stronger societies. It was published on April 24, 2012, digitally on the New York Times website. This article was published with the intended audience of a general American in…

Family Values

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Assessing Family Values in the United States

According to Rocchio (2018), in the United States of America, the dominant culture is that of the white Americans, whose lineage is that from the Northern Europeans. In the course of the research, a healthcare worker in the United States of America carried out a sampling exercise to assess’ family values by comparing and contrasting…

Family Values,


United States

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Family Values in Modern Society

Do people value marriage the way they used to? Many people believe that marriage is a sacrament by which two people are united in love and become one. For many people, marriage is simply a civil ceremony, a legal step confirming the union of a man and woman. Indeed, our values of marriage have changed…

Family Values,



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Traditional Families and Modern Families

A family is said to be the first school of a child. It is from here you start to learn how to speak, walk and interact with the world. Until now I can still remember what my first-grade teacher taught me that family is the main block of the society. So it means that for…


Family Values

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