Sexual Satisfaction

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This article talks about how couple’s personality traits play a part in their sexual satisfaction. The researchers used the Big five to predict the sexual functioning in people that were in committed relationships. They took the data from the dairies of newlywed couples and used that to determine the relationship between these couples big five personality traits and the probability that they would have sex.

They then took data from two of the studies that showed sexual satisfaction and tried to determine if it was related to these traits. They looked at both partner’s personalities and had the data from a 12-day diary where the couples reported rather they had sex, and if they were satisfied with the sex they were having. The first sample used was of 113 couples in Texas and 13 of those couples were not able to be used.

The second sample contained 120 couples and several were not able to be used due to not being married long enough or not completing all of the measures that were required. The last sample was of 135 couples. The researchers had the couples attend a laboratory session, prior to this session they had to fill out a big five personality survey at home. At the laboratory session the couples were asked to perform several different tasks and they were paid for their time. The first two studies were asked to complete a 14-night diary reporting about their sexual activity and sexual satisfaction.

The third study was contacted three years later and asked to complete a survey. They were all paid for their time as well. The findings of this study were pretty fascinating. Couples only reported having sex about 3-4 days out of the entire 14 days they were doing the diary for the study. It said that wives who were high in openness and/or agreeableness was positively correlated with the amount of sex the couple had. Which is not surprising. If we are not agreeable it is not happening. Husbands that scored high in openness and neuroticism were negatively correlated with his sexual satisfaction and if he was agreeable it was positively correlated with his sexual satisfaction. Woman who were high in neuroticism did not show high in sexual satisfaction but if she was high in openness and conscientiousness then she was satisfied with her sex life.

The purpose of this research article was to determine if there was in fact a relationship between couple’s big five personality traits, their sexual satisfaction and the amount of sex they were having with each other. One of the primary limitations of this research is that all of the couples that participated in the research experiment were all newly married and when asked to do the diaries they only had a two week period to complete it. This could cause the results to not be representative of all couples due to the length of their marriage.


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