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Issue of Ocean Acidification and how to Prevent It

“Threatening Ocean Life from the Inside Out” by Sarah J. Hardt and Carl Safina discusses the detrimental effect ocean acidification has on sea-life and how the rise in acidity is hurting the oceanic food chain and habitats. Ocean acidification can be defined as too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reacting with ocean water and…



Ocean Pollution

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We Should Prevent Environment Pollution

How much longer can we go before our rivers, streams, and the ocean becomes so polluted that all life ceases to exist? Pollution and disregard for the environment has become a trend within today’s society. We chose still to toxically and carelessly indulge in hurtful and disrespectful acts of negligence despite the effects it is…

Environment Pollution,

Save Environment

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Understanding of Fracking

‘Fracking’ is another way to say ‘water driven breaking’ — it’s a procedure by which water, sand, and synthetic compounds are infused underground at high weights to air out stone layers and discharge the oil or gas caught inside. Actually, fracking isn’t new: Companies have been utilizing this method for quite a long time to…


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Forest Survey Analysis and Interpretation 

The ecologically-sensitive state Uttarakhand is although endowed with rich flora and fauna but there is increase in pressure on its natural ecosystem from the past decades. The state ranks sixth in terms of recorded forest area in percentage and its forest cover with rich biodiversity is considered its major wealth. Ranikhet which is the cantontment…



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Tornado as a Natural Disaster

“No wind-measuring instrument has ever survived the impact of a full tornado” (Ludlum 112). Tornadoes are one of the most destructive natural disasters on earth (“Tornado”). Tornadoes can generate winds in the three hundred mile per hour range. They have been reported on all continents except Antarctica. Tornadoes may occur wherever conditions favour the development…

Natural Disasters,


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Overcoming Global Warming and Climate Change

Global Warming has been one of the worst epidemics throughout the United States and many other countries. Throughout the centuries, no one emphasized the meaning of how important this epidemic would be to natures overall survival. Global Warming has affected climate change to such a degree that it is beginning to affect the everyday functionality…

Climate Change,

Global Warming,

Global Warming and Climate Change

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Big Oil, Global Warming, and Climate Change

Everyone knows that climate change exists, and it is a huge problem. Well, most people do. There are still those that deny it in the face of overwhelming evidence. We know that the main cause of global climate change is pollution, but did we know that before it happened? Could this have been prevented? Can…

Climate Change,

Global Warming,

Global Warming and Climate Change

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