Inhumane Act towards Nature

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From the moment we subsist in this world, nature already existed and appreciated by human beings. Our challenge and role is to take good care of it. Perhaps many other people cannot learn how to appreciate the pulchritude of nature. The somber truth to this is we, human beings tend to forget how nature can be beautiful in all ways. Nature is an aesthetic masterpiece of God that we should all appreciate. “Earth provides our basic needs, but not a human greed” a famous quote by Mahatma Ghandi, that inspires us not to be greedy on the resources we can get from Earth and it’s nature. One of the things that contributes to a someone’s wealth is being greedy with natural resources.

However, the population in the world is growing immensely. We do perceived, that us human beings are intimately tied to nature, we have become dependent to nature. As the number of population increases, the demand to statisfy our basic needs also increases rapidly. Nature is indeed nonpareil, because this is the only way to survive in this world. Humanity within us are indeed infrequent, it is rare. In our own perception, we humans continue to turn a blind eye on the actions that we do, that causes detrimental effects on nature and it’s environment. The effects vary and the majority resulted to dreadful situations not only for the earth but also for the people living in it, but as we all know most of these problems are caused by humans itself.

It affects almost every living organism on earth and continue to destroy every single one in a short amount of time. The effects has been extremely felt for the past 3 years as it resulted to melting of glaciers, environmental degradation and the increase of global warming due to human activities. It has been continuously argued upon that most people on earth cry for change, but does nothing for a change nor does anything to help make a difference that can help restore the earth. Humans are the root to almost all of the problems the earth is encountering this very day and for the oncoming years that is yet to happen.

Despite of the innumerable attempts that are already made to impose by different government organizations that can help to save our nature, other people still develop a certain vulnerability against nature.

In conclusion to this, we should not play a second fiddle on this issue we should prioritize of becoming fully aware on the actions we do towards nature. We human beings are all part of the unity process that can help us change the way we treat the nature. We need to be inclusive and supportive, so that change is possible.

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