Analyzing the Littering Issue

Updated May 2, 2022

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Analyzing the Littering Issue essay

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So, when it comes to the issue of littering. It all comes down to what efforts people will go through to take care of the environment. If we come together at least once a month and help keep the streets and our nature in general clean, it would make it best for us. This can’t just happen with one person, it has to be a collective group to make a difference. Solution that work in the favor are encouraging people to join the Humane Society, for example. I was in the Humane Club this year and almost anywhere you are in florida, there’s a local Human Society. They gather together to make sure the environment is in good condition as well as make sure stray animals are kept safe. You can also help by smaller means, like the usual picking up after your own mess. Don’t just throw stuff on the ground because you’re too lazy,

have a plastic bag to stuff your trash if there aren’t trash cans where you normally go. Now, if people don’t put in the minimal effort than it’s hard to get littering issue to end. In my neighborhood if they see a dirty lawn, they’ll fine you. This will be the case for everyone if it keeps being the way it is. If we’re able to gather people together to collect waste at least once a month that already bettering our environment so much. Imagine if every area did that? I think that it won’t be as hard to do so. If you see neighbors outside, ask if they want to help out for a bit, give them a bag etc. We slowly open up the minds, and inform people on the matters and gather together to do good. This choice sticks out to me because force isn’t necessary, if you kindly inform people and provide the tools to help, why wouldn’t they?Fine stricter to the people who litter.

Although, making people pay the price for their actions would enforce the issue I don’t think it’s necessary to start a cause with threats. I think making it harder for people to litter if they know they’ll have to pay for it later on would help, but guidance towards helping with pickups would be more useful. Putting more trash cans/ garbage bags nearby would help a lot since people make the excuse that they litter because they don’t see a trash can. This can easily be solved by having their own plastic bag in their car and later on throwing it away. Overall, we have to educate the people and encourage them.

Analyzing the Littering Issue essay

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