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Financial Management Report on Portfolio Management

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Abstract We exceptionally understand that putting resources into securities i.e: shares, debentures, bonds are beneficial and in addition unsafe. It requires logical information and also systematic aptitudes to manage hazard related in these speculations. Each choice of a financial specialist ought to be founded based on both basis and enthusiastic viewpoints. It is hard to…

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The German Health Care System

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Health Insurance

Decision-making powers are traditionally shared between national (‎federal)‎ and state (‎Land)‎ levels, with much power delegated to self-governing bodies in German health care system. It provides universal coverage for a wide range of benefits. Since 2009, health insurance has been mandatory for all citizens and permanent residents, through either statutory or private health insurance (2019)….

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Women As A Minority

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Economic Inequality

Gender Inequality in the Workplace

Gender pay gap

The term minority group refers to a category of people whose members have significantly less control, less power than the social many (dominant group) and are subordinated. It could be an ethnically, culturally or racially distinct groups. Being a numerical minority is not a characteristic of being a minority group, as sometimes a larger group…

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The Main Goal of Lucky Clover Bank Is to Protect Customer Information

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Identity Theft

Lucky Clover is on a mission to change the traditional way of banking. Lucky Clover Corp. was established in the 1980s, expanded into retail banking in early 2000s to reduce its dependency on credit cards from approximately 90% to 50%. Lucky Clover Bank is a medium to large sized US bank with its total assets…

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Perfect competition


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Game theory

The labor economics

The information economics

The economics of market structure

Opportunity costs

10 principles of economics

Ford Motor company’s labor economics.

Labor economics: child labor.

The UPS firm perspective: the labor market.

How has the internet changed marketing?

The four-day workweek: Is that something more companies should adopt?

What role do consumers play in keeping the market stable?

What Role Does Advertising Play In Microeconomics?

Ways In Which Creativity Can Lead To Huge Success

Industrialization Impacts On The Environment.

The Seasonal Changes In Our Economy.

The Purchasing Ability Of A Consumer And Its Impact On Prices.

The Latest Marketing Trends.

Focus On Companies That Have A No Sale Policy.

Changes In Oil Demand Over The Last Decade.

How Does Economy Change With the Change of Seasons

An Argumentative Essay on the Microeconomic Market Structures

How Do Different Microeconomic Market Structures Affect Supply?

The Impact of Labor Market and the Labor Union on Supply and Demand.

How Does Consumer Purchasing Ability Affect Pricing System?

The Use of Advertising in Microeconomics and How it Affects Customer’s Decisions

Should credit card companies add a warning page as part of their contracts?

Does outsourcing reduce costs?

Does outsourcing benefit the country receiving the work?

Would a European economic crisis affect other countries?


What is economic?

Economics is a set of economic sciences, a type of social science that studies the relationship between people in the production, consumption, distribution, and exchange of goods or services. The subject of economic theory is how people and society choose to use limited resources.

What is economic?

In addition to the basic one, there are several other definitions of economics put forward by scientists over the years. Its founder as a separate science is considered to be Adam Smith.

Economics was also called political economy, but from the second half of the nineteenth century it became politically neutral, and the word “politics” was excluded from the definition. Nowadays, economics is considered to predict the outcome of certain political decisions without interfering with politics.

Historically, economics has come a long way. Its main directions were mercantilism of XV-XVIII centuries, physiocracy of the second half of XVIII century, classical political economy of the end of XVIII century – 30s of XIX century, neoclassical economics which appeared in 1890s, Keynesianism and monetarism of XX century. A separate direction in economics – a peculiar offshoot of it – is Marxism.

The subject of the study of economics is not values, but agents of economic activity, such as individual households and society as a whole. That is why economics belongs to the social sciences.

On the scale of the study it is divided into microeconomics, the subject of which is organizations and households, and the study of the functioning of the economy as a whole.

Microeconomics looks at individual agents and their choices: what and for whom to produce, consume, how to interact in the process of exchange, etc. It studies the efficiency of production, cost, supply and demand, the specialization of economic agents, uncertainty and game theory.

The main macroeconomic indicators are unemployment, inflation, economic growth, monetary and monetary policy, and business cycles.

In addition to macro- and microeconomics, economic sciences include the following disciplines: econometrics, economic statistics, history of economic teachings and economic history, management, marketing, branch economics, engineering economics, enterprise economics and labor economics, accounting, managerial and financial accounting, etc.

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World economics

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Example of economic - Shipping Industry in EU in 2020

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Importance of economics


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