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Shopping Tourism

Marsha (2015) suggest that shopping center plaza features in Indonesia simultaneously affect tourism satisfaction. Moreover, service quality has the most effect on customer satisfaction and purchasing, separately. On the contrary, bargains have no noticeable influence on customer satisfaction. Dubihlela and Dubihlela (2014) by Factor Analysis discover that product features (e.g. product variability, product`s quality, Availability,…



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Decreasing of Shopping-in

Have you ever said,” This is the last time I go to shop-in .”? A number of times shopping from the local stores turns our beautiful day to a crappy day, but many people still go shopping every other day. Shopping-in is boring and annoying. We spend hours at the store without finding something convenient…

Online Shopping,


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Positive and Negative Effects of Shopping Online vs. Traditional Shopping

Introduction Online shopping may be a store where it is conceivable to purchase everything from it effectively through a computer or versatile phone, and frequently gives the finest types of items to customers. Online shopping is additionally known as the rummage around for a item by going to the store’s site, and after that planning…

Online Shopping

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Online Shopping and E-Commerce in Kazakhstan

Introduction The main objective of this study is to examine factors that influence consumer’s online purchase intention in Kazakhstan in comparison with China. The survey, that was conducted by a way of comparing factors approaching a case with Sino-Kazakh e-commerce patterns. Survey has held a research predominantly on online purchase motives and has served as…

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Online Shopping

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How Online Shopping Affect Retail Industry

Believe it or not, “…more than 75 percent of Americans now state that they online shop” (Chadwick). The trend is continuing to rise, causing a majority of people to think shopping is a normal part of the online experience. Online shopping is becoming so prevalent in our society that we are even “expecting to see…

Online Shopping

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How Logistics Has Influenced Online Shopping

Logistics by definition is the commercial activity of transporting goods to customers. In the past two decades since e-commerce and online shopping has become the norm in most households, we have seen a huge shift in how logistics has affected online retailers versus brick and mortar stores. The online retail craze began in the 1990s…

Online Shopping

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Online Shopping and E-Commerce in Turkey

Abstract Due to increase in internet usage and technological advancements, The internet became very important in our lives. Especially, The millennials cannot live without their computers or phones. Thus, they highly targeted buy big corporations. In order to start a new business e commerce became the new trend because of several reasons. The most important…

Online Shopping

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Online Shopping Behavior

The current literature on customer online buying decisions has mainly concentrated on identifying the factors which affect the willingness of client to attract in internet shopping. In the domain of purchaser behaviour research, there are general models of acquire behaviour that depict the procedure which purchaser use in making a buy decision. These models are…

Consumer Behavior,

Online Shopping

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In-Store vs Online Shopping

Abstract Online shopping became very popular these days with change in consumer habits from visiting retail stores to buy the products to buying those online. There are multiple advantages of shopping online, but there are few disadvantages too. This paper describes the benefits and disadvantages of online shopping from consumer perspective and the companies’ perspective….

Online Shopping

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Pros and Cons of Online Shopping

In January 1st, 1983, the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network a.k.a ARPANET took over a communications prototype that establishes requirements for how data could be distributed among multiple networks (TCP/IP). After that researchers began to work on the ‘’network of networks’’, which is the internet that we all know now. Nowadays, the internet improves the…

Online Shopping

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