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Reasons for Choosing Pharmacy as my Career

I chose pharmacy as my career because of the considerable interest I developed towards the pharmacy field following a medical factory tour which I attended while I was in high school. After observing the operations which were undertaken within the factory, I felt the need to directly involve myself in aspects concerning medical administration to…

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Legalization of Marijuana and Pharmaceutical Companies

For years patients and prescribing physicians have relied on man-made medication produced by pharmaceutical companies to treat many symptoms including pain and mental disorders. However, with the increase of scientific research and the decriminalization of marijuana, many people are making the switch to a more natural source of relief, forcing a huge threat to Big…

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Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized

Relationship Between Chemistry and Pharmacology

Chemistry is related to everything around us, and interferes with all fields in this life, because chemistry is the science which study properties and composition of materials and their transformations and the energy that result from these transformations and reactions. One of the most field related to chemistry is field of pharmaceutical. And Muslims sciences…