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How Credit Card Affect United States Economy

As credit cards became introduced in the late 1950s, they have increasingly gained use and popularity worldwide. Most consumers find it most efficient to access funds quickly in order to pay for goods and services, as an alternative to carrying cash these days. Even with such advanced technology, we are beginning to see new accommodations…

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United States

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How Has the Credit Card Impacted American Society?

Credit cards have become a familiar feature of the lifestyle in the world. Imagining a consumer economy functioning without this item is difficult. Nowadays these cards are considered the most convenient of all types of payments. The boom of the credit card industry has affected everyone in the world of plastic money. “A credit card…

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Misuse of Company Credit Cards

There are several ethically issues that challenge us as sales professionals every day, one issue in particular we will focus on is the misuse of company credit cards and expense accounts. It is very common when working for a company working in a sales environment employee’s will receive a company credit card to fill up…


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Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt in America is a daunting problem that hinders the growth and prosperity of this nation. Credit cards are ruining the lives of the American people. Americans now owe over one trillion dollars in credit card debt, which increases every year. All these debt is affecting the health of the American people and…

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Benefits of Smart Using Credit Card

Credit card use has been on the rise in the last few years with more people replacing cash with credit cards. The increased use of credit cards has provoked an issue for the US as a whole. The development and economic growth of a country depends heavily on its inhabitants. Credit card debt in the…

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Credit Card Debt among Students

We are all aware of the many issue’s students are facing in regard to credit card debt. This continues to create emotional stress, and anxiety for students. While it is well known that a college diploma may increase the earning potential and employment opportunities, what many college graduates don’t know is that they are likely…

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Personal Finance Reflection

Taking control of your personal finance is something that you should learn how to do before you become an adult. By taking control of your finances early on you with be able to lead a more happy, stress free life. When you turn 18, you are given the opportunity to build credit, your credit worthiness…

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Saving Money

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