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Automotive Industry in Ethiopia

The automobile industry is the dominant manufacturer in the world. Including all downstream and upstream activities, the automotive industry accounts for 5-10% global value addition (Traub-Merz, 2017). Globally, over 500 million passenger cars are registered and the number is expected to triple by the year 2030 (Traub-Merz, 2017). Similar to the other manufacturing industries, automotive…



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Automotive Engineer in My Future Career

My name is Hammad Khan and I am in 10th grade. My current hobbies are playing video games, watching and playing Football, and learning about cars. Currently, my high school major is engineering which is broken down into 9 sections: Introduction to Engineering Design, Principles of Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering and Architecture, Computer Integrated…




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Automotive Project Management

Abstract The Automotive Industry is one of the most dynamic and innovation heavy markets at present. Hence in order to keep up with the competition and capture the market automakers need to ensure the success of their projects, this makes Automotive project management a field of utmost importance. However it is only in recent years…




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Challenges and Strategies of Malaysian Automotive Industry Analytical Essay

Introduction The automotive industry forms a main pillar to the global economy (Mohd Fuzi, Habidin, & Ong, 2018) as one of the important economic sectors (Mathivathanan, Kannan, & Haq, 2018; Othman et al., 2016; Habidin et al., 2015) and play a leading role in a country’s industrialization (Abdul Aziz, Jaafar & Suraya, 2014). With the…



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Project Management Practices in the Automotive Industry

Abstract A critique of project management in the automotive industry is offered in the paper below. It is bolstered by case studies and examples of real-life project management setups in the automotive industry, with a rumination of innovation and platform approach challenges in particular. Agile and lean methodologies are dwelt upon to examine if they…




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Responsibility to Sustainability in the Automotive Industry

Abstract Throughout the world decisions made by engineers, directly and indirectly, affect more people than simply a supervisor or a customer. In many cases, these decisions can also significantly impact the earth. How these decisions are made require both scientifically backed answers as well as ethically backed answers. This paper investigates an engineer’s ethical responsibility…



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An Inquiry into Recent Downswing in Indian Automotive Industry

Abstract The automobile sector of India plays a pivotal role in Indian economy. India emerged as the 4th largest automobile market in 2018 with sales increasing 8.3% to 3.99 million units. It also became the 7th largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in 2018. It contributes more than 7% to the total GDP and 49% of…



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Automotive Engineer Job

Automotive engineer is a very interesting science career. I’d be extremely interested in this topic because of my research and passion of cars. My past experience of working with my hands and engines push me to my passion of cars. People see cars as just transportation from point A to B, in my eyes it’s…




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Automotive Market in China

The Chinese automotive market continues to demonstrate the growth rate. At the same time, the Chinese automotive industry is extremely diverse and has a huge potential. Currently, there are more than 130 automobile enterprises in China, which produce a total of more than 90 brands and 260 models of cars (PWC report, 2017). China has…



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Automotive Market

According to Kotler P. et al. (2012), “there are four basic segmentation dimensions that are commonly used”. The segmentation can be geographical, demographic, psychographic and behavioral (Kotler P. et al., 2012). Based on Kotler market segmentation, the following features of Chinese market should be taken into account in order to get the majority number of…



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