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Driving Age and Driver’s Education Courses

Adults often feel that teenagers are too young and inexperienced to operate a vehicle on the street. They might quote data and badger their 16-year-olds about the dangers of the road. Over the years, many states have urged lawmakers to raise the driving age to 17, and in some cases, 18. To be fair, most…


Teenage Driving

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Features of Daily Basis Driving

Traffic by Tom Vanderbilt takes a deep look into how people drive on a daily basis. Several of the items that were discussed in the book were things that the everyday individual has thought about but not as in depth as he puts it. One of my chapters were on the topic of merging. Coming…


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First Saudi Women Receive Their Driving Licenses

I read the article, “First Saudi women receive their driver’s licenses”, this article highlights the new implementation that will finally allow women to drive. The article explains that Saudi Arabia has surprisingly change the stigma of allowing women drive for the first time in history. According to the article, its estimated a 90 billion boost…


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Dangers of Driving while Fatigued among Commercial Truck Drivers

Fatal vehicle crashes involving large trucks is a significant occupational risk to commercial truck drivers. In 2005, over 400,000 commercial motor vehicles were involved in accidents, and approximately 5,000 of these crashes resulted in fatalities. Driver impairment caused by fatigued is a known factor in many accidents (Maycock, 1997). Fatigue affects mental alertness, decreasing the…


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Should Teens Drive at 16

When taking the driving test everyone is accessed on their ability to drive a car. The new student drivers also have to be at least 16 years of age. But should teenagers be allowed to drive at the age of 16? Although driving can teach many teenagers how to be responsible, a young minor should…

Teenage Driving

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Should Teenagers be Allowed to Drive

Over the few decade teenagers across America have been getting their license, From the age of fifteen, a teen can take a class to take their permit test. As the number of teen with license increases so does the number of accidents and casualties. Many people have questions if the minimum age for driving be…

Teenage Driving

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