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International Trade and Finance

Introduction In this research, we seek to discuss the implications of globalization on developing CARICOM countries. It is believed that with the uprising of globalization, the developing countries within CARICOM would have benefited from it greatly but statistics would have shown otherwise. The tasked at hand is to draw on the theories of international trade…


International Trade

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International Trade Agreement: The North American Free Trade Agreement

NAFTA is a three member nations agreement signed by Canada, Mexico, and the United States to create a North American trilateral trade bloc. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was inspired by the highly successful removal of tariffs by the European Economic Community (1957–93) to stimulate trade between all of the members. A Canadian-U.S….


International Trade,

United States

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Global Trade War

People have traded goods for thousands of years proving Adam Smith´s saying that “truck and barter” is a fundamental part of human nature. (Pomeranz et al, 2013). Therefore, it isn’t surprising that for a long time the world economy has developed into an interdependent one. Globalization has accelerated rapidly in recent decades, this as a…


International Trade,


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Free International Trade

With free trade, the ideal purpose of the agreement is to give traders the freedom to buy and sell from various economies without the application of any governmental regulations such as tariffs, prohibitions, or quotas on goods and services. In other terms, free trade is directly opposite to economic isolationism, or trade protection. In today’s…

International Trade,


United States

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International Trade Wars – American Products Banned

This research hypothesizes that the ongoing trade war between America and other countries would be responsible for a significant decline in U.S. export activity and subsequent reduction in domestic GDP growth. The hypothesis emerges from an understanding of global supply chains and the impact of international trade opportunities on the growth of local industries. It…


International Trade,

United States

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3D Printing will Decreasing International Trade

According to the Cable News Network (CNN) ‘s article reported by Richard D’Aveni stated that a lot of company can avoid the risks of global supply chain by making most of their product in particular smaller plant in any main market. So the companies are insulated from trade battle because of the delivery cost and…

International Trade,


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Global Trade

Globalization stands for the mixing of international economies and cultures through the practice of international trade and investment as well as advancements in technology. Global trade and foreign investments present an array of advantages both for consumers and producers across the world and advancements in technology have given smaller businesses with fewer resources access to…


International Trade

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Trade War Between US And China

The Impact of Trade War between US and China A trade war happens when one state took revenge on other by raising the tariffs of import or setting other limits on the opposite of imports of the country. Trade war which is the side effect of Protectionism which are the actions and policies of government…


International Trade,

United States,


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The Effects of Competition Policy on International Trade

Regulatory Reforms Trade policies and laws are genuinely found in the worldwide economy. These rules and regulations have help trade agreements from various perspectives, in any case, it is comprehended that their effects on competition emerged on today’s market as a major issue for international trade. Rules are there to be followed and obeyed, but…



International Trade

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