Contrast of Shopping Online and Traditional Shopping

Updated November 16, 2020

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Contrast of Shopping Online and Traditional Shopping essay

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Traditional shopping takes place when an individual prefers in-store shopping characterized by the individual visiting the shop physically. Online shopping takes place when an individual buys goods or services on the internet. They are both convenient ways of shopping however individuals have preferences.

With traditional shopping you can try on your clothes to ensure that it fits properly, check the material to ensure that it is comfortable on your skin and ensure that the you get the exact color that you are looking for. What you see is what you get. With traditional shopping all products can be seen, touched, even tasted enabling the customer to make a better decision using all their senses. There are no extra charges such as shipping charges. It is easier to return a product when bought in the store than when purchased online.

However, there are a few cons when it comes to traditional shopping. You spend a lot of time moving from store to store or going to the mall to spend the entire day. You spend money on gas if you are driving or you must pay public transportation fare. Moving from store to store trying on clothes can be very stressful at times especially when there is a long wait for a dressing room. Sometimes checkout lines are extremely long especially during holidays which can also be very stressful and time consuming.

Online shopping on the other hand allows you to save time and money that you would use to pay for gas or transportation fare and parking. You can remain in the comfort of your home at any hour of the day to search until you find what you are looking for. Prices can be compared easily, and sometimes you can purchase the same item that you have seen in the local store for less money. You don’t have to deal with not being able to find an item. It’s just as simple as typing the item that you are looking for and it’s there. Once the item is found it can be ordered at any time because online stores are always open.

However, there are a few cons when it comes to online shopping. You can’t physically see the product so chances are you can be misled or deceived. You can’t try on or test the product so chances are it may not fit or may not work. Online shoppers sometimes receive products with wrong sizes, design, color, and even broken items. With online shopping, majority of the times there are shipping costs and you must wait for the product to arrive which may take days or even weeks or never delivered at all. Shopping online exposes you to risk of online fraud. This is something that you as a consumer would not like to experience.

In conclusion, both traditional and online shopping have their advantages and disadvantages. It is likely that persons who enjoy shopping as a hobby may prefer traditional shopping and those who do not enjoy shopping may be happy to shop online.

Contrast of Shopping Online and Traditional Shopping essay

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