My Aim Is Master’s Degree in Finance

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Modern age finance professionals play a vital role in the development of the global economy and how it will be shaping out shortly. My interest in finance ignited from diverse factors as I was always naturally inclined towards numbers and analysis, thus the field of finance naturally suits me.

The power of money over the world has empowered me to chose a career in a field that provides me with in-depth knowledge of the correlative art of making and spending money. One of my most cherished memories is reading books like Think and Grow Rich, The Backward Art of Spending Money and many more which fascinated me to a great extent. Both the books have different versions and ideas about money-making and spending but it all boils down to how money can influence one’s life. In particular, the former motivated me to examine the process of furthering my career in both monetary and personal satisfaction and the latter taught me the importance of the art of spending money. Although, during my graduation, I’ve studied various subjects I was always inclined to finance-related subjects. And I believe that a Master’s Degree will bridge the gap between my abridged desire of studying and analysing the core of finance.

I’m currently in my final year of my bachelor’s degree in commerce from the University of Delhi. During my graduation, I have studied financial accounting and Fundamentals of financial management and from there I developed an interest in Finance. In the first year of my college, when I was the class representative, I efficiently managed a class trip in a very low budget by using the travelling allowance per person and clubbed all of the savings to organize that trip effectively this experience helped me in understanding the nuances of finance in our daily lives. All my teachers applauded me. This instance prompted me to finance and enhance my skills. My interest in finance led me to apply for an internship at YES bank. A great part of my internship involved client interaction and I learned how to coordinate investment plans to match a client’s short-term and long-term goals. This experience was invaluable to me as it gave me insight into the use of knowledge that can be implemented in the real world. To achieve my career goals, I need to learn much more about current developments and techniques in finance, financial markets and their applications.

As far as my future goals are concerned, I aim for a career in Corporate Finance wherein I could advance the analytical approach to financial management. In the short term, I plan to put all of my energy into studying in your master’s program and develop the expertise of finance. In the long term, I would like to work with the Big 4 consulting firms. I also wish to increase my practical skills and apply the occupational knowledge that I have accumulated during the program.

This master’s degree in finance will open doors to new job opportunities for me where I will be facing new challenges. The education I will receive during this program will prepare me to overcome these challenges through a mix of lectures and hands-on experience in projects which will develop not only my financial skills but also my leadership development. I look forward to working with the like-minded peers on collaborative elements that will further enhance my experience in the program. This master’s program in finance will allow me to hone my business acumen with an understanding of client needs essential in the career of an excellent financial professional.

The primary reason for choosing the trinity college Dublin is its reputation in academic and research development here over the years. Ireland is the 12th most peaceful country and ranked as one of the wealthiest countries in the world, it gave me more reasons to pursue my master’s from Ireland as the exposure to its world-class education system and the experience of interacting with students from diverse cultures in a western environment will give me a crucial edge in my career and enable me to achieve the goal that I have set for myself.

I am therefore looking forward to the opportunity to begin learning and contributing to this program. I hope it will enable me to enter the field as a professional, elevating my career potential as well as my skill set.

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What is the goal of a masters degree?
The goal of a master's degree is to provide students with advanced knowledge and skills in a specific field, enabling them to become experts in their chosen profession and pursue career advancement. Additionally, a master's degree can also serve as a stepping stone to pursue further education or research opportunities.
Why do you want to study finance?
I want to study finance because I want to better understand how money works and how to make wise financial decisions.
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