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Time Management and Self-Efficacy Among Students

Reason/ Justification In Choosing The Topic: Self-efficacy affected every human endeavor, which determines their beliefs on what will be the result or effect on the challenges that they encountered in life. It also involves determination to overcome obstacle by achieving their goals. Having high-efficacy can lead you to success and achieve your goals in life…

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Time Management

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Life Ambition and Success

Everyone want success and has their own ambition in life. Success can be a accomplishment if you have own aim or purpose. If you want success, you should accomplish your goal of life. If the person excellent in academic, also have a good academic qualification and successful in life. is where that person is able…

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Improving My Academic Performance

I have been able to make my academic success more efficient as a result of identifying what works best for me regarding my learning abilities and tools, developing specific skills and also establishing new mindsets. There are multiple skills that have been very efficient and beneficial when it comes to academic success. Time management is…

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Academic Goals

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