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And what about the languages, probably even until the end of this century many smaller languages will perish and only mayor ones will survive, until the end of this century ony four languages will exist in the entire world. Those four will be English, Spanish, Mandarin and Arabian. The main reason is because most of…



Limitation and Future Research

The limitation for the study that have to be acknowledged and expected to be the subsequent study by the present research. The first is the other researcher must make a research at the other heritage sites in Malaysia such as Penang. This is because the researcher have a limit time to make a research, so…



Future Agriculturalists

To combat the growing population, which is expected to exceed 10 billion by 2050, agriculture producers of the future will have to use; herbicide technology, new brush mechanical technology, prescribed burns, and biological practices. What exactly are these methods and how do they work? Herbicide technology refers to weed killers, which assists in assuring the…



We Should Care about Our Future

I want everyone to close your eyes and picture everything you want in their future. Maybe you at your daughter’s high school graduation party, you got a MacBook or finally got a job as a doctor. But what if I told you, that you couldn’t have anything you wanted because someone took it all away…



Imagine the Future of Humanity

The future is something we’re all intrigued about. So what does mankind have in store for later? Let’s take a look: Machines may permanently replace people as employees Already, a lot of our jobs are outsourced to machines. But with machines getting smarter with each passing day, it looks like the future is pretty bleak…



The Future of Work

“No country will be spared the disruptive impact of what the future of work has in store for us.” That was a quote from Labour and Small Enterprise Development Minster, Jennifer Baptiste- Primus. The subject of technological advancements in labour has made its way into public discourse in recent years. There has been an intense…



Predict the Future

Behavior is a broad concept. All acting falls under behavior, but not acting is behavior. An action leads to something. That so-called something is the effect of behavior, it is the new situation that has been created by the behavior. The future is influenced by behavior. We do many actions unconsciously and we do not…



The Future of Our Environment

Few people think about the impact of air pollution. Most of the consequences of abusing the environment by engaging in tasks such as pouring cooking oil in the kitchen sink or toilet, can lead to long-term damage to public health. The disposal of oil down the drain of your kitchen sink or toilet can clog…

Air Pollution,



The Future of Money – Mary Mellor

Money appears to be so straightforward – you hand it over and receive stuff consequently – but not many of us know how it truly functions or where it originates from. Whatever we consider cash, we’re probably going to discover Mary Mellor’s case that it’s been privatized rather stunning, if not foolish. That she presents…




Personality of Irena Sendler – Biography

This young lady was a woman full of bravery, kindness and of course, a large amount of perseverance. Her name is Irena Stanislaw Kirzyanowska and she is very significant due to the way she would handle her past. I believe Irena is very courageous by the way she didn’t let her past interfere with her…




World War 2

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