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The Dark Side of Culture of Achievement

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A Culture of Achievement places its focus on the most easily quantifiable and measurable results, test scores. Are we thinking about how it is affecting society’s perception of being a thinker and a human being? American Journalist, political scientist and author Fareed Zakaria’s 2015 book, In Defense of a Liberal Education, Zakaria argues that the…

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Harriet Tubman’s Greatest Achievement

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Harriet Tubman

From just a slave to a woman who would be remembered by history forever, Harriet Tubman was a compassionate person who broke multiple barriers to save others. The year was around 1822 when she was born, and even though she would face multiple hardships along the way, she never gave up and continued. Although there…

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Biography of Harry Jerome, the Significant Canadian

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Harry or “Henry” , Winston Jerome was a Canadian track and field runner, one of Canada’s best athletes, Mr. Canada, and the world’s fastest man despite an injury he had experienced during his career. He was born in Prince Albert Saskatchewan on September 30th 1940, and retired in Vancouver. He died in North Vancouver at…

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Achievements of Harriet Tubman

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Civil War

Harriet Tubman


On the contrary, a greater achievement that Harriet Tubman took part in was conducting the underground railroad. Harriet Tubman ran away and escaped slavery in the year 1849, as previously mentioned. Unlike most people who ran away during these times, she decided to go back and get more people to safety. Doing this she put…

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Achievement and Adventure in Non Fiction My Lost Brothers by Brendan McDonough

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Non Fiction

I chose the theme “Exploring Life Purpose Through Achievement and Adventure” because I like to live my life with adventure and helping other people. This theme means to me that you are up and out in the world living it with adventure and achieving instead of sitting at home like a couch potato. My theme…

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