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Parents Should Always Encourage Their Children to Follow Their Dream

Why do majority of parents don’t support their kids dream? When a mother takes her first glance at her baby born in her arms, she cries with tears of joy knowing that she will do everything in her power to protect her baby against all evil. One of a parent’s worst nightmare is to see…


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The Dark Sides Of Our Dreams

When people go to sleep your brain pulls together random fragments from your memories and imaginations to create what we call dreams, almost every person on earth has experienced dreaming while sleeping at night some experts have said that we even dream at least four to six times a night. But there are many different…


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The Importance Of Dream Interpretation

Since I personally feel like I don’t really dream, or if I do I don’t remember them, I chose to ask my cousin Kinsley about some of her dreams. The dream starts just outside a creepy haunted looking house, and she decided to go inside to explore. As she walked around the house she had…


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Early Islam and How Their Dreams Matter

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, humans survived on being hunter-gatherers, the concept of society did not exist, let alone the idea of belief systems. Now, in the year 2022, there are countless amounts of belief systems. Some conventional such as Christian orthodox and the exhausting number of branches. Others such as Confucianism, which has…


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The Role of Dreams for Human Brain

If you ever find yourself naked in a public place, meeting your favorite celebrity, or arriving unprepared for an exam, you will most likely wake up and ask yourself, “Why did I just dream about that?” To determine an answer, you might contemplate a larger question; what is a dream and what purpose does it…


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Theories of Dreams in Psychology

Dreams are an essential part of the human life. Every night a person has an average of three to five dreams per night. Throughout time, psychologists and researchers have come up with theories as to the importance of dreaming and its purpose. Dreams can hold an underlying message and can serve other beneficial purposes, it…


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Summary and Issues Around Freuds Theory of Dreams and Activation-Synthesis Theory

This paper will be summarizing two theories that explain the meaning of dreams, it will also discuss the problems surrounding these theories. I will then choose the one that best explains why we dream, and to the best of my knowledge I will try to explain why I think that this theory best describes the…


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The Portrayal of Dreams in Paprika

Dreams make for such an interesting topic to discuss. Dreams are a part of mental space that seems so unfathomable and untethered, much like the ocean and how much we don’t know and understand about it. Sometimes it’s easy to connect dreams to reality, like dreaming about something that is a current stress, and sometimes…


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Dreaming of Dreams

Introduction Dreams can be seen in many ways. Whether it be visions of sugarplums dancing in your head, or the more nightmare-ish dreams like shown in Shrek. Or if you have a million dreams keeping you awake, i’ll explain it all. We all have dreams, and sometimes ones that wake us up in the middle…



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Why Do We Need to Dream?

Not having dreams resembles pursuing a traceless homicide. It resembles following an undetectable shadow. It is an appalling goose chase. We should realize what we need to do and pursue that aspiration. We can’t accomplish anything in existence without objectives, and for these objectives, we must dream. The clear majority of people have dreams. Enormous…




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