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Why Do We Need to Dream?

Not having dreams resembles pursuing a traceless homicide. It resembles following an undetectable shadow. It is an appalling goose chase. We should realize what we need to do and pursue that aspiration. We can’t accomplish anything in existence without objectives, and for these objectives, we must dream. The clear majority of people have dreams. Enormous…




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Dream Jar

How the Dream Jar Appeared In XVI century, there was a small family of villagers. The family consisted of a father, mother and their little 8 years old son. The son’s name was Tom. Tom’s father was an astronaut and scientist, his mother was a householder. Tom’s father always shared his work with his son….



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How We Dream

Have any of you guys ever wondered about how you dream? Raise your hand if you ever woken up from a dream you didn’t really understand. According to a group study of french researchers, everyone is capable and designed to dream, even to those who feel that they never dream and can’t remember any their…



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Dreaming of Dreams

Introduction Dreams can be seen in many ways. Whether it be visions of sugarplums dancing in your head, or the more nightmare-ish dreams like shown in Shrek. Or if you have a million dreams keeping you awake, i’ll explain it all. We all have dreams, and sometimes ones that wake us up in the middle…



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My Dinosaur Dreams

Memory can remain consistent, altered, or erased. Is there a definite answer to why dreams change? Is it because we are ashamed, proud, or something else? Dreams are stories that pull pull thoughts and imagery from our memories. They don’t mean anything, but the impact of some dreams are everlasting. I had a dream when…


My Dream

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Story After Reading a Novel by Ishmael Bea

In the novel, ‘A long way gone,’ by Ishmael Beah, the main character Beah finds himself struggling with accepting his current reality multiple times. Throughout the novel, many of the characters are forced to take on a new reality, their lives all taking a whole different turn and are forced to leave their previous one…

A Long Way Gone,



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The Journey of a Thousand Miles

Growing up as a young man in Kuwait, I have always admired the great level of technological advancement evident in the region that pride as a source of tourist attraction. From the magnificent sky-scrapers, top of the notch transport and communication systems, and huge modern oil wells, Kuwait, certainly has benefited from scientific developments. Since…




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My Dream Universities

Abstract Nowadays, more and more students are able to have great opportunities to study in international schools. Eventually, when they finish all the courses successfully and get a perfect grade, they could fly towards the famous and fantastic foreign universities to absorb different sorts of useful and valuable knowledge. Fortunately, I am glad that I…


My Dream,


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My Dream about Perfect Country

Everybody has a dream, some small and some big, some boring and some unrealistic. However, we all dream the same, whatever might be best for ourselves and our country. This kind of thinking can be complicated, planning our fantasy life in our head is way easier than making that image come true. There are several…


My Dream

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