Life Ambition and Success

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Everyone want success and has their own ambition in life. Success can be a accomplishment if you have own aim or purpose. If you want success, you should accomplish your goal of life. If the person excellent in academic, also have a good academic qualification and successful in life. is where that person is able to get good career, than there are other elements in life that helps in make success in life.

Therefore, I agreed that academic success excellence does not guarantee a successful life.

Firstly, academic qualification does not guarantee jobs for graduates. Nowadays, many graduates have finished their studies were hoping for work in government agencies or private firms. The success of life depends on how you excel and exploit your knowledge and social skill within yourself and the outside world. Graduates without the extra qualifications such as communications skills, great time management skills, self-motivation and good personality will be left out, proving that academic excellence is not license for a successful in life.

Other than that, there are many example of successful figures whom succeed without academic excellence. Academic success does not guarantee a person to pursue in any career. A person career depends on the effort and goals they want to achieve in their life. However, determination is the most important element for a person to be successful in their life. For example, billionaire co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard University to focus on building their company. This statement approved that without academic excellence you can be successful in life if you have on your goal and ambitions in life.

Apart from that, a person can discover their talent and passion to be successful in life. Talent is natural ability which can help a person to elevated new skill to be acquired. Once they have developed competencies in various skill, the skill can enhance the talent which a person is doing good in something compare to other people. The talent which is naturally possesses by a person are singing, dancing, acting and sports meanwhile the skills are such as soft skills, critical thinking and time management. For an instance, Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza is a Malaysia icon who proved that she can used her singing skills to be eventually successful to where she stand now.

In conclusion, academic excellence does not guarantee a successful person life. You should use your education to sharpen your communication skills, highlight your personality and analytical skill. In the word, simply not enough to guarantee that he will be successful in life, as it takes a lot of other factors to achieve it.

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