Achieving Academic Goals

Updated January 5, 2022

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Achieving Academic Goals essay

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Learning environment of a student is considered to be one of the crucial parts in achieving Academic Goals. There are factors in which students surrounding affects the way they learn in either negative or positive approach. Learning environment as the social, physical, psychological, and pedagogical contexts in which learning occurs and which affect student achievement and attitudes. The researchers in their 4 years of stay in INHS has experienced these factors.

Vehicles and unnecessary loud noise form students walking by and in class, Hot classrooms and lack of proper ventilation destroys their focus. Broken chairs and narrow arm chairs make them uncomfortable and irritable in time of studying and school works because of inconvenience and space. These hassles really give students hard time and focusing and doing school tasks properly. It is important that we understand issues like this because it affects a very big role on students, their learning and achieving academic goals. If given big help, students will have a comfortable and better learning environment.

The literature review has the following questions:

  • · What is the definition of a good learning environment?
  • · What impact does a learning environment have on students; behavioral, motivational, and academic goal achievement?
  • · What element of the learning environment makes the most impact to students in terms of behavior, learning and achieving academic goal and why?
  • · What are the proof that the physical and emotional environment has relativity on students learning and academic achievement?

The growing issues as for the Learning Environment has been increasing not only here in Isabela National High School but worldwide. This school is known to have a highly- competitive students and faculty so it is a big deal specially for those who aim for high-standard universities to achieve academic exellency. Studies found that research on school climate in the math and science courses reveal that these subjects are often perceived to be more demanding and competitive and the classroom environments in these types of courses can even be hostile and unsupportive (Sadker 2004) Especially on Science Curriculums that focuses more on the said fields to further enrich and develop students of INHS SHS.

But because of the presence of factors (bad) of Learning Environment, neither distraction and poor achievement of academic goals is sometimes observed on some year levels. Behaviorism concerns the observable change in behavior. Behaviorists says that through a process, learning has by change in. It triggers people to external stimuli until there’s a response. In these schools, knowledge is transferred by the teacher while the learner is a passive participant. This knowledge is unbiased, truthful and complete. (Akrisami,2008).

Zandvliet (1999) shows a model as a result of a study conducted on high-tech learning environment. It is the depiction of the relation of learning environment and the psychosocial environment and believes that the physical attribute of learning environment has impact on the satisfaction of students. In negative way, it can impact their academic success. This activity makes the affected students to be destructed on studies and have lesser priority on learning. But now certain groups had been helping in providing needs of the students and helps them compete academically. These challenges in the school environment for the students emerge at critical time of development, at a time when students need to feel safe in order to attain knowledge for further education and career paths (Zandvliet 1999).

To date, there has been a little of understand on what really could be provided if the problems of the students regards on their learning environment were heard. There has been no empirical research on the learning environment that has examined the aspirations of adolescents beyond high school Weinstein and Mignano (2003) stated these are the basic functions of the learning environment (physical): for security and protection, as the social context, as a symbolic identifier, as a tool to do the task, having the function of fun and function as a place for student growth. That’s why we conducted this study to further know the impact to the studies of the Learning Environment. To better understand what’s really been giving students the hard ways on achieving their academic goals and to now more their necessities.


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Achieving Academic Goals essay

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