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A Humanistic View of Lifes Purpose in Kurt Vonneguts The Sirens of Titan

Kurt Vonnegut’s The Sirens of Titan reveals loving “whoever is around to be loved” is the meaning of life (220). This belief is deeply rooted in humanism; love is a basic human need, love exhibits goodness, and loving encourages appreciation of potential value. His giving this meaning of life as straightforward and blunt gives a…


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An Argument in Favor of Rick Warrens Speech on the Purpose of Life and Leadership

I, for one, wholeheartedly agree with what Rick Warren had to say in his twenty minute speech at TED. The crux of the talk revolved around living a life of purpose, a life that fulfills the soul of an individual as opposed to just revolving around hoarding material gains (Warren, 2006). As Rick Warren so…


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The Quest to Find Ones Purpose in Life

We all find ourselves at some point of our lives looking for meaning, getting inside ourselves and trying to find the reason why we are even alive. At childhood we begin to seek our place in the world, making an effort to understand which our roles are. From that moment on we need to feel…


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An Overview of the Purpose of Life

Tree of Life “The LORD God made all kinds of trees grow out of the ground–trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food. In the middle of the garden were the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” – Genesis 2:9 One of the most well…


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Realizing My Purpose in Life in Helping Others through My One True Calling, Medicine

A lot of people have different ideas and opinions on the purpose of life. One thing is for sure is that we can’t live without a purpose. However, discovering something that sounds so ridiculously simple is actually quite complex in reality. Some people believe that the purpose is to follow their Religious beliefs and that…


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An Overview of the Purpose of Investigation and International Regulations in Organizations

Introduction US courts have recurrently sustained subpoenas demanding a business to reveal records sited out of U.S but still following the corporation’s regulations, even where they induce revelation of records situated in countries, law of which forbids exposure. American court of law have been on and off eager to regulate revelation of records held out…


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A Study on the Micro Modernization Act of 2017 and Its Purpose

The micro-modernization act of 2017 is among the pending bills at the committee stage The small business and Entrepreneurship committee discuss this bill. The bill seeks to amend the Small business Act and increase the funding for Small Business Administration (SBA) from $5 million to $6 million to a particular intermediary. The act also stipulates…


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Living Life with Meaning and Purpose

What does it mean to live a life of meaning and purpose? I believe that the answer to this question can vary between every individual. God has placed everyone on this earth for a purpose. The individual’s thoughts and actions help them succeed in life and perform actions that have meaning to them. Performing actions…


Nursing Profession,


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To Live a Life of Meaning and Purpose

Many feel that there is no real meaning to life and that the goal is just to survive and reproduce. As we explore this idea, however, we can see that even the most basic of ideas can give life meaning and purpose, whether its in assisting others or following a higher being as a guide…


Meaning of Life,


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Spirituality and Purpose in Life

Spirituality is understood as the acknowledgment of our meaning and purpose in life. This awareness about our existence helps in enhancing our understanding of self and improving our psychological wellbeing. The current study, therefore, attempted to find the relationship between ‘spirituality and psychological well-being’ among male college students in the age range of 18-21 years….

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