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Living Life with Meaning and Purpose

What does it mean to live a life of meaning and purpose? I believe that the answer to this question can vary between every individual. God has placed everyone on this earth for a purpose. The individual’s thoughts and actions help them succeed in life and perform actions that have meaning to them. Performing actions…


Nursing Profession,


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To Live a Life of Meaning and Purpose

Many feel that there is no real meaning to life and that the goal is just to survive and reproduce. As we explore this idea, however, we can see that even the most basic of ideas can give life meaning and purpose, whether its in assisting others or following a higher being as a guide…


Meaning of Life,


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Purpose Over Fate

Born into a family of pride, success, and wealth; how do I find my own true purpose with the pressure of what’s expected in my so-called perfect reality. I often sit here pondering my own thoughts, batting them back and forth like a never-ending soccer game. Most often I think I shouldn’t have these silent…



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Spirituality and Purpose in Life

Spirituality is understood as the acknowledgment of our meaning and purpose in life. This awareness about our existence helps in enhancing our understanding of self and improving our psychological wellbeing. The current study, therefore, attempted to find the relationship between ‘spirituality and psychological well-being’ among male college students in the age range of 18-21 years….

Meaning of Life,


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The Purpose of Life

The question of what may be the purpose life for an individual, is something that most ponder during their lifetime. This question has a significant amount of influence on a person, as it can be the difference between a feeling of emptiness or motivation to achieve a purpose. It has been a widely debated topic,…



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Finding My Purpose

I moved to Farmington Hills, Michigan when I was 14 years old after leaving the only place I’d ever known. When I started school here I was very shy and quiet because I didn’t know anyone, but as time went on I made a few friends, meet new people, and started my new life here….

Finding Yourself,


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Live with Purpose Not Regret

Fulfill obligations, careful not to falter. Learn to choose battles wisely. Own up to responsibilities. Defeat the purpose. Arjuna wants what is rightfully his and finds himself asking questions in the middle of the battlefield. Krishna helps Arjuna find his way. The ultimate goal is important because it teaches true self, it comes from knowledge,…

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My Purpose in Life

So we all have life goals. They reflect our purpose in life as well as various objectives. They are the driving force behind everything we do and they are the most important things that we want to accomplish. Life goals include the things that we want people to remember us for after we are gone….

Goals In Life,


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The World Wildlife Fund Purpose and Goals

Purpose The World Wildlife Fund sets goals to help make nature better for animals to live in. “The World Wildlife Fund focuses their efforts at multiple levels, starting with wildlife, habitats and local communities and expanding up through governments and global network.” (What is the) This fund takes many notable actions to help achieve their…



Wildlife Conservation

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What’s the Meaning of Life’s Challenges

We’ve all had those days where we feel like giving. Where it feels like the entire universe is against us. A lot of us feel that our situation is just too hopeless to get out of. However, you shouldn’t succumb to despair and defeat! As cliché as it sounds, there really is a reason why…




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