Family Matters

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The United States is build upon the safety and the improvement of life for our families ,and we have to recognize that all families are not identical, but similar. Therefore, what one family seeks to accomplish, acquire or live by, may not coincide in that of one in Texas or in Alaska. In the American culture, family serves as a the base of your education, your aid, and the future of the nation.

Language is a key component of growing that we learn since we were young from our family members. You see, “babies learn language by listening to and interacting with live human beings.” (Kuhl 2005).As a nation build upon immigrants we should acknowledge the importance of the recognition of other languages. For instance, growing up bilingual, in which you are taught English at school and the Spanish language at home, challenges your mind and opens the door to a second ethnicity or group of people. Meaning that not only do you have more resources but future leaders will represent more people in the United States of America. Therefore, our children will grow up to believing they can achieve higher no matter the language barriers.

Your first line of help are those you consider ‘family’. Take in mind, family does not need to be blood related. Although there are people who believe the opposite probably because the have not been placed with another individual, sharing a deep bond, beyond a basic relationship. For instance some examples of non-biological connections such as a friend you consider a sister or an adoptive brother you consider a true sibling. In these non-blood related relationships, the individuals grow to value relationships and expand into new ones outside their current ones.

Furthermore you gain a circle of people that can each help you in varying ways. For example, for a business to become successful you must create contracts to which all parties not just as in a family you must come to an agreement after a fight or disagreement. Meaning the value of family and the interactions as part of one, prepare you to real-world connections that you will have to do as you grow an involve yourself in groups or projects whether in your career or your ability to connect with other individuals as a person. The family interactions you have now might become company meetings or city hall conferences later on in life..

The youth learns of the values and the importance of matters in life through the adults or mentors in their life. For instance, religion is part of your upbringing such in the case of Catholics, in which a baby is baptized to initiate steps that lead up into marriage. For those with religious ties, it signifies that their child will grow pure and follow the rules of the religion which are the values. Another example would be how your guardians teach you the concept of law and some basic rules, whether that is following orders from a police officer or teaching you your rights as an American citizen. Meaning the way they raise you on the face of the law and of your rights can set forth the kind of future generations that will lead this country into future events. It is a significant task that we’ll get to pass from one generation to another, as long as America exits in this planet.

In conclusion, within the American culture, family serves as a your learning foundation, is important when in need of help, and the future of the nation depends on it. Always seek to raise a family on the path of a future with your children as model citizens with good values. Teach them now in the family, for they will soon become the ones to do so.

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