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History of Mali and Ghana Empires in Africa

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Poverty in Africa

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Mali in Africa as One of the Poorest Countries in the World

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Africa Was Never Free

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Struggles in Africa

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Independence of Africa and Legacy of Colonialism

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Human Rights in Africa

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Human rights

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Failed States: Regional and International Security Concerns in Africa

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The Biggest Issues in Africa

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Culture and Superstition in Things Fall Apart and Heart of Darkness Summary

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Heart of Darkness


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True Africa in Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

Trends in African Philosophy

Analysis of Environmental Degradation in Somalia and Sudan

Western Psychological Theories in African Psychology

Burundi is One of the Poorest Countries

Reproductive Health among Youth in Ethiopia

Police Brutality and Its Effects on the Contemporary Society in Kenya

Sudanese Food and Cuisine

Election Violence in Africa

Industrialization in Rwanda

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Employment Opportunity

Protection of Lakes in Ethiopia: Challenges and Prospects

Tanzanian Coffee

Positive and Negative Impact of Colonialism on Africa

Corruption and Economic Growth in Zimbabwe

Issue of Income Inequality in Ethiopia

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Environment Pollution in Kenia

Promoting and Financing Industrialization Across Central Africa

Gender Equality and Women’s Rights in Rwanda

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Social Problems in Africa

African Philosophy: Education System in South Africa

South Africa’s Finance Issies

The Impact of Globalization and Technology in South Africa

Poverty Debates in South Africa

Case Study: Rhino Poaching in South Africa

Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Business in South Africa

Religion As A Tool Of Oppression in South Africa

Jane Alexander and South African Art

Culture and Communication in South African Retail Industry

The Impact of Corruption in South Africa

Inequality and Poverty in South Africa

Types of Inequality in South Africa

Decolonisation of Higher Education in South Africa

The Legacy of Nelson Mandela

Marijuana in South Africa

The Legacy of Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela Impact on South Africa

Africa the World’s Forgotten Stepchild

Africa Why Democracy Has Taken Hold in Some Countries

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The Problem of Lion Hunting in Africa and Reforms Needed for Protection

Difficulty of Mountain Climbing and Climbing Kilimanjara

Good Example Of Annotated Bibliography On What Is The Impact Of GMO Maize Crops On South Africas Environment And Economy

Divorce Rates In Kenya And Means To Reduce Them

Application and Advantages of Wind Energy in South Africa

The Presence of Intersectionality in the Dynamics of South African Society

Free Jicarilla Apache and Maasai Culture Article Example

The Impact of Racism in Post-Apartheid South Africa

Apartheid as a Racial Socialism in South Africa

Tackling the Pattern of Corruption in Nigerian Politics

Good Presentation On Fifa Wold CUP 2010 South Africa

How to Solve the Problems Orphans Face Within Orphanages

A Research of Apartheid Racism in South Africa

The Issue of Political Corruption in Nigeria

Sample Presentation On China In Africa Secret Weapon Of Globalization

The Economy of Democracy: Preserving Africa’s Autonomy

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Depiction of South Africa During Apartheid in Master Harold and The Boys by Athol Fugard

The Difference Between Exploratory, Descriptive and Explanatory Research in Patel’s Article

Good Achievement Of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah With Neo-Colonialism And Africa Union Presentation Example

How Racism and Cultural Differences are Intertwined in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Book Americanah

Critical Analysis of a Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah

The Conformity and Individuality in the African Communities

English Course Essay

The Keynesian and Neoclassical Paradigms of South Africa Rising Unemployment

Diversity and Social Complexity of Africans before The Atlantic Slave Trade

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Presentation On Nets For Life (Africa)

The Depiction of Harmful Effects of Ebola Virus in The Hot Zone

Effects of Colonialism in Africa: Nigeria and The Congo

An Ongoing Theme of Child Manipulation in A Long Way Gone

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The Structure and Objectives of Vocational and Technical Education

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The Long Lasting Effects of Colonialism in South Africa

A Long Way Gone: a Conclusion to the Eventful Life

Sample Article On Humanity

Discrepancy Between Continental and Diaspora View on Pan-Africanism Ideals

The Negative Effects of Colonialism on Africa in Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Adichie

Analysis of A Long Way Gone: a Touching Story of Survival

Good Example Of Economic Status In South Africa Article

Count Down to August: Nigeria Major Festivals

How Negative Effects Outweigh The Benefits of Colonialism in Africa

Good Essay On Rural Poverty in Rwanda

Informative Essay on Teenage Pregnancy in Kenya

Good Example Of Develop A Persuasive Message For Starbucks Course Work

Research of The Future of Food Security in South Africa

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Research on Why Kenyans Are The Best in Running Sport

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Corporal Punishment as The Solution to Violence in South African Schools

Essay On Various Revolutions

Burnout and Engagement in The South African Context

Course Work On Review Of The Political And Economic Climate Of Ghana

Trends in Reward Programmes in South Africa

Free Essay On Chinas Trade and Investment Relationship with Africa

Applicability of Incentive Zoning Within Built Up Areas in South African Context

Free South Africa Course Work Example

Effects of Inflation on Kenya Commercial Banks Lending

German South West Africa Essay

Course Work On Ebola And The Ethics Surrounding Its Treatment


Africa is the hottest continent on Earth.

The name “Africa” ​​appeared in the II century BC, yet then it was not yet the name of an enormous mainland situated in the Northern and Southern, Western, and Eastern sides of the equator. In 146 BC. the Romans held onto land in the region of present-day Tunisia.

They established a settlement there, calling it Africa, obviously after the Afarik clans who lived in an immense region up to Gibraltar. Different spaces of this mainland have for some time been called Libya and Ethiopia. In the sixteenth century, the researcher Muhammad al-Wazan composed that the name “Africa” ​​(in Arabic “Ifrikiya”) comes from “faraka”, which signifies “to isolate.” It is conceivable that the name of the mainland mean exactly this, since the Red Sea isolates Africa from Asia.

Africa is the second biggest continent after Eurasia. Its region is 30.3 million km2. The greater part of the territory is situated in the Northern Hemisphere. It doesn’t have large peninsulas and profound bayous along its shores.

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