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Moving To America Narrative Essay

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America has always been a place, I wanted to live. With the movies I grew up watching; America seemed to be the perfect place that is rich , no poor people ,no violence, no struggles. In 2015 i finally got my visa to come in USA and was so excited about it. Surprisingly i had…

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Issues in South America

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Over the past few years, some issues such as colonization, environmental issues, migration, corruption, and terrorism have emerged and marked the present and future of the region. Colonization, discovery, and conquest of South America was a phenomenon of capitalism and was motivated by the interests of the bourgeoisie from Spain and Portugal over pre-Columbian indigenous…

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Commodification of the North American Continent

Pages 4 (997 words)



Search for extended resources in the early 17th century, colonists extrapolated the terrain of the British empire, and gave religious freedom to many who went along on the journey. Resident hunter gatherers and efficient farmers already roamed the North American Continent. They were especially sustainable in their harvesting; Indians utilized every part of a hunted…

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Does Climate Change Actually Exist?

Pages 3 (672 words)


Climate Change


2018, going on 2019, a trending topic was conspiracy theories. Questions such as: is the Earth flat? Does the government have weather weapons? And most notably, does climate change actually exist? How our young generation can think of such things. Climate change, a change in climate patterns; an increase of CO2 in the air, has…

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Gun Ownership and Self-Serving Attributions for Mass Shooting Tragedies

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Gun Control


Abstract Gun violence turned out to be one of the political and societal situations within America. There seemed a number of incidents that came to be triggered, instead, persuaded by gun possession. There’s been evidence that demonstrates that gun ownership is straightforwardly associated with the pervasiveness of inhumanity across the nation. Furthermore, a more destructive…

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Diversity Management in America Today

Pages 2 (467 words)






In the mid-1980’s, the concept of diversity begun in North America and slowly spreading in the other countries. Diversity means that everyone is unique in their own ways and recognizing our differences. Diversity management, on the other hand, refers to actions in an organization which promotes inclusion of employees having different experiences into an organization’s…

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Freedom and Diversity in America

Pages 2 (359 words)




What makes America Great? Personally, I think the Freedom and diversity that makes it great. America is a free country and everyone has freedom. Opportunity to do whatever you want. The Bill of Rights which was passed by Congress on September 25, 1789, and ratified on December 15, 1791. In the Bill of Rights there…

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Racism and Police Brutality in America

Pages 6 (1 335 words)


Criminal Justice System

Police Brutality


In recent years, the US Department of Justice have uncovered patterns of abuse and excessive use of force — particularly against black residents and all over the country. It would be one thing if allegations of police abuse were focused on one city, state, or region, but multiple investigations by the media. Racism and Police…

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Police Brutality in America Cause And Effect Essay

Pages 6 (1 481 words)


Black Lives Matter


Police Brutality

The minority in communities has been associated with violence by the law enforcement in the United States for many decades. Police brutality has been seen as an issue for many years, and it will remain a major concern for those in the minority throughout communities. In history, racist violence, also known as police brutality, was…

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Ralph Waldo Emerson and Transcendentalism in America

Pages 9 (2 203 words)



Introduction A lot of things change in the society either for the good or the bad of the people according to the motives of the executors. Some of the changes include technology, federal laws and also personal thoughts about self-beliefs among many more. Change in self-beliefs is quite interesting because it changes one’s perspective of…

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