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Italy from Roman Empire till Contemporary

Italy is a nation of rich historical and cultural importance. It is the birthplace of Roman law and renaissance art. Roman law is quite comparable to the style of government and law system used in the United States today. Italy is home to decadent food and beautiful architecture. From the magnificent Alps and Mount Vesuvius…




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Italy and Macroeconomy

History of Italy Italy was one of the most popular European destination where many travelers decided to go due to its history. The history is important to understand so one can see how the country evolved over the years. According to the website History, before Italy was independent, it was divided into different parts. Each…




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Italy and Its Economic System

Looking at Italy as a whole, it has a very impressive economic system, explaining its high rankings of being the third largest economy in the Eurozone, and ninth largest economy worldwide. Italy is also the country that founded the European Union as well as the Eurozone. Although they have a great reputation as a country,…




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10 Ways Travel to Italy Without Leaving Home

Italy is one of the leading destinations on most people’s bucket list. It is, in fact, the 5th most visited country by international tourists. The spring and summer months are when most travelers flock to Europe, but sometimes life doesn’t go as planned and our trips are canceled or we can no longer go under…


Food And Culture,


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The Country of Italy

Italy is a country that is known for its art and architecture. Italy is in Southern Europe on the Mediterranean Sea and has various mountains. A family that decides to move to another country that they were not born in, are known as expatriate. With easy public transportation and great education opportunities, a family would…



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History of Italian Unification

This historical investigation focuses on the role of Camillo Benso, or Count of Cavour during the Italian Unification and attempts to answer the question: “For what reasons and with what results did Count of Cavour successfully lead Italy to its unification? ” In order to answer the focus question, the topics that will be considered…




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Why I Want to Visit Italy

The country I would love to visit the most would be Italy. The reason why I chose this country is because of how beautiful it is, the fashion, art, food and especially how much they appreciate family. Since the rise of the Roman Empire, Italian art, architecture, and culture have had an influence around the…




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Common Info about Italy and Italian Secondary Education

Country Profile The Italian Republic is located at the center of Mediterranean and shares borders with France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, San Marino, and Vatican City in the world map. Italy has a parliamentary republic government with a multi-party system (Larner, et al., 2018). Executive branch is known as Council of Ministers, which is headed by…




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