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The caste system of India: How does it influence marriage practices today?

In this analysis essay, I will explore the caste of India, the hierarchy of the system and how the separation of its people has influenced marriage practices throughout the country. I’ll also explore how marriage practices are changing amongst the millennial generation and what it could mean for the future. INTRODUCTION The caste system is…

Arranged Marriage,


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Interracial Marriage

Interracial marriage is a marriage between two people that are different races. When we think of interracial marriage, we think about an African American and a White person. African American and White is the most talked about relationship when discussing interracial couples or marriage. When talking about interracial marriage and couples, we must think about…


Race and Ethnicity

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Marriage Equality

There are things about everyone that can not be changed, like the colour of their hair, and their skin tone. However discrimination against these aspects of one another is slowly depleating, marriage equality is still a concept that does not exist in many places. Around the world, people are not allowed to marry those that…

Arranged Marriage,




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Women and Marriage

Women play a very great role in ensuring that marriages are successfully upheld, women make one of the parties that are involved in marriage. Historically, from the biblical history and other histories, women came to exist after a man had been created prior and because of boredom that man experienced, a woman got a chance…

Gender Roles,


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Relationship between the Institution of Marriage and the Institution of Family

Marriage is a human behavior that individuals enter into and has been in existence since mankind has been on Earth. Marriage is a “legally recognized monogamous social contract between two people, a man and a woman, that is traditionally based on a sexual relationship to produce children and implying permanence of the union.” Over the…



Same Sex Marriage

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Importance of Marriage in Late Adulthood

Marriage and romantic partnerships offer support during times of trouble. Having a partner or spouse can give people the emotional boost they need to recover from all sorts of ailments, physical and emotional. In fact, romantic partnerships are the single biggest source of social support in late adulthood. People in late life who are married…

Importance Of Family Relationships,


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Four Types of Marriage

There are many types of marriage and there are many reasons people choose to get married. Some people think that marriage is only about who is getting what? Who gets everything and gets nothing. But marriage is not about having a wife to just stay home have children and take care of everything at home….

Arranged Marriage,


Same Sex Marriage

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True Meaning of Marriage Argumentative Essay

To some the term “marriage” represents a mere piece of paper. A piece of paper that two individuals sign that connects them in life and represents a couple who will now file joint taxes at the beginning of each year. Although there are many interpretations of the term, there is much more meaning than the…



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Importance and Benefits of Marriage

What marriage really signifies? What is the importance of marriage in our time? According to the Dictionary definition: Marriage is any of the diverse forms of interpersonal union established in various parts of the world to form a familial bond that is recognized legally, religiously, or socially, granting the participating partners mutual conjugal rights and…



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Early Marriage

According to K4health (n.d), the amalgamation of two people in which both parties or either one is younger than the age of 18 is defined as early marriage. The mental and physical health of the girls will be affected for the rest of their life due to early marriage. Thus, early marriage brings nothing but…



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