The Law of Drones Should Be Looser

Updated January 13, 2022

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The Law of Drones Should Be Looser essay

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According to SoHu, Chen xiangyang, an airspace management official with the civil aviation administration of China, said that at the press conference that applications for drones to operate in certain scenarios are now accepted to encourage commercial use of drones. The agency of drones asserts that the current output value of China’s unmanned aerial vehicles is between 3.6 billion yuan and 4 billion yuan. Because of the continuous breakthrough of technology, the market of drones becomes more and more popular. Therefore, it’s more convenient if the law of drones are looser.

On reason supports my claim is that drones help service after a disaster. According to Edward C. Baig in “Cell service can mean life or death after a disaster. Could drones help?” the U.S. Department of the Interior explains that on Tuesday, March 3, he buys 50 drones to help service during the natural disaster. Compare to last year, which 5000 unmanned flights responds to many natural disasters, they will use 50 percent more this year.

Also, Verizon tested that drones could send and receive signals in order to help communicate even after a hurricanes. For example, after Hurricanes Irma and Maria attacked Puerto Rico in fall, around 90 percent of cell sites had been destroyed. Thus, they sent drones to detect precisely people who in that area.

Moreover, drones help transfer medical supplies to patients effectively. According to Meredith Cohn in “Drones could soon get crucial medical supplies to patients in need,” Dr. Timothy Amukele states that a drone could refrigerate the blood during transportation. Also, a drone could deliver blood faster in restricted airspace, which they tested that a drone could fly about 26 minutes for 12 miles at 328 feet above. Therefore, if we use drones to deliver blood or bone marrow , people who need those are able to get them on time. Especially for bone marrow, they could only be used in a day after doctors take it out.

Owing to the fact that it’s harder for doctors to save patients who already miss their “golden time”, drones could help solve the problem, and save time for doctors. In addition, according to Meredith Cohn, Ian Weston, executive director of the American Trauma Society, observes that drones also could help deliver medicine to patients who couldn’t go to the hospitals.

On the other hand, some people believe that drones are unsafe. They believe this due to the fact that many drones hobbyists break the law. For example, according to “Drone sightings are up dramatically,” John Lowy claims that the pilots of a regional airliner who fly at about 10,000 feet reported that they see at least one drone pass less than 500 feet above the plane. The drone, which was black and gray with about 5 feet to 6 feet long, is moving slowly to the south toward Allegheny County Airport near Pittsburgh. Additionally, according to John Lowy, Air traffic controllers at central Florida’s approach control facility received a report from the pilots of an Airbus A319 airliner.

They claimed that they had sighted a drone below the plane at about 11,000 feet and 15 miles west of Orlando. However, in British, drones’ technology already can prevent drones from flying into restricted areas. According to “Drones: what can be done to make them safer,” Nicola Harley claims that an advanced technology, which is called Geo-fencing technology, can be programmed into drone’s GPA system with the coordinates of the airports in the world. Therefore, drones could not enter the restricted area. Moreover, if drones are trying to rush forward, they will be forced to ground. Furthermore, they will be forced to fly under 10m if they near a 2km radius of an airport.

To sum up, people should not be stricter on the law of drones due to the fact that drones help serve for emergencies after disasters. Additionally, drones transfer essential medicine effectively. On the contrary, some people argue that drones are not safe because people are not following the law. However, if program Geo-fencing technology into drone’s GPA system, drones can be forced to follow the rules. Therefore, it’s helpful to share this technology to the world in order to improve their safety.

The Law of Drones Should Be Looser essay

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