The History of a Successful Life

Updated May 14, 2022

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The History of a Successful Life essay

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I am a student, girl, and women. My height is 5.4 feet, skin color bright shyamala, long hair and fascinator eye. In a short time, I can attractive others people very easily. I have a good side that I can make friendship with others people especially kids because from my childhood, I love child very much. But I have also two bad sides and one side is that when I go to talk or introduce myself in front of my classmates and teachers then I start feeling afraid like the fire burn inside my heart. In that time, my throat, hands, and legs are tremble. Another side is that when anybody avoid me without any reason that’s time I avoid him more which one out of imagine. But I think that I am a brave, loyal and protesting girl. I am a girl of a poor family who face a lot of problems in a different situation.

I had two sisters, two brothers, grandparents and my parents without me. I was the eldest girl in my family. My father is a landless farmer who cultivates crops on the land of others. He was the best and dynamic worker at our family and my mother is a housewife. When I was growing up, I would see my parents working hard. They wanted to do study and established to us. But, nature is cruel because my father was seriously sick. At that time, the sky seems to fall on our head because my father was the only man in our family who provided food for all and handled our family. So, my mother felt upset for him and crying a lot. We thought that we could not save my father because we did not have enough money. In that time, I was student of class nine. In our country, the government gives scholarship every poor student.

So, I got scholarship 1’300 taka and I told my mom, “I get scholarship money today. I want to treatment my father. Please mom; you don’t forbid me.” My mom cried and said me, “Hmm; daughter. You are not my elder girl but you prove that you are my elder son. So, I give you permission because I know that I don’t have anything to do.” But this money did not enough for treatment and manages my family. So, I took some credit from Grameen bank and took my father to the doctor. The doctor asked me, “How many days before your father suffered from fever.” I replied him, “Maybe one month. Since financial problem we can’t treatment.”

The doctor understood all things and tested my father and said that my father had typhoid. Then I asked him, “If we do treatment properly then will he be well or not?” The doctor said, “Yes.” So, I had treatment my father and my father was well-being as soon as possible but problem is that his brain was damage reason for typhoid. In that situation, I had to manage my family and also financial aspect. I had started to do tuition and seen agriculture land so that I can manage my family, pay credit to bank and carry on my study. I had worked hard given installment to Grameen bank. One stage, I had paid credit.

When I was giving my secondary school certificate in that time my parents said me, “You don’t have need to giving your exam. We want to give marry you.” I was surprised, “How say they like this and where will they get money?” Later, I knew that one boy who wanted to marry me without dowry. But, I refused that proposal because I wanted to complete my study and establish own self. What is more, I wanted to pay my father’s financial problem. Before giving the SSC exam, my grandfather was died. So, I had broken mentally and physically because he loved me a lot. In same year, I had given SSC exam and passed with a brilliant result.

My family member was delightful but my parent’s was so much pressure because they wish complete me higher school certificate. But, they didn’t have enough money for admitting me in a college. In our village people, they said to my parents, “You are doing enough study to your daughter. If you send her a garments factory then she earns more money and helps you.” My parents didn’t support their speech. I had some money which I accumulate from tuition salary. So, I admitted into a college. After admitting college, my study had stopped because my parents couldn’t give me bus fare. Suddenly, we heard that I got scholarship 12000 taka from institution board for my brilliant result. Our family was so happy which couldn’t imagine. So, I started my study and doing tuition again so that I can provide shortage of food in my family. I passed the higher school certificate in 2013.

Moreover, when I passed the higher school certificate, my parents married me off without dowry. After getting married, I went to my husband’s house according to our custom. During the first few months, my in law’s family members behaved very well with me. Few month’s after my marriage, my husband went abroad for work. He would enquire about my well being. He wanted to continue with my studies, help my family financial problems, and complete my graduation. However, my in law’s family didn’t support my education. I wanted to understand them but they did not want to realize. My in law’s said to me, “your parents don’t give us any dowry but we don’t say anything to you. If you don’t move like our speech, we will oppress you.” I replied to them, “I will obey my husband but I will not move others in this family although you will able to oppress me.” So, they started to oppress me. I didn’t say anything my husband but he understood my pain even without me saying anything. My in law’s family members were torturing me both mentally and physically.

After oppressing, I couldn’t properly breaths. That torture and pressure caused a tight feeling in my throat that I wouldn’t able to speech. Continuously, steams of tears flow my eyes. I didn’t bear their oppression. So, I was resisting fighting with my in law’s family members. When my husband used to call, they used to say positive things about me. At one point of time, my in law’s family wanted to murder me. I didn’t know about their conspiracy but when I got to know this, I couldn’t handle the situation. I thought, “What shall I do and how can I free from this situation?” So, I called for a Panchayat meeting against my in law’s family members. My in law’s family members acknowledge their crime in front the Panchayat. They promised to the Panchayat, “They will never torture me again.” After this situation, my husband knew that subject by the Panchayat people. Therefore, my husband came back from abroad as soon as possible.

He admitted me into a university so that I can establish. But, my in law’s family members didn’t support my husband. So, my husband went off to Dhaka took me with him and rented a room. My husband took a job in a garments factory. In that time, he felt upset for me and thought about me. I didn’t bear my husband hardships. So, I also took a job in a garment’s factory and started to work hard. One day, I got an opportunity from my office, and this opportunity was only those women whose can’t study for financial problem although they are meritorious. That’s opportunity was AUW’s opportunity. My husband was supportive with me. As a result, today I am able to study at AUW. Now, I am happy because at the same time I am helping my family’s financial problems and doing study because I get basic salary 5,300 taka from my factory per month. After completing my graduation, I will go abroad for completing my master degree if my husband supports me, and I will be a professor in a university.

The History of a Successful Life essay

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